1.8 bug in primary artist links

Can be recreated on any Roon configuration.

Impacts any primary artist that shares a name with any other primary artist. Examples:

John Williams
Eric Johnson

In 1.7, if I ran into a problem where an album was linked to the “wrong” primary artist for that album (for instance if an album by the popular rock guitarist from Texas, Eric Johnson, was linked to the seemingly obscure roots/bluegrass artist Eric Johnson), I could go to primary artist links in album edit, remove the wrong Eric Johnson, add the right Eric Johnson, save, and now the album was linked to the right Eric Johnson.

In 1.8, when I save, the wrong Eric Johnson does not get removed. Please note this is just an example, it can be recreated with any two different artists with the same name.

Given the very bad data quality from the third party provider, this is a problem for anyone trying to correct meta data to more enjoy the Roon experience.

Common names - for people or bands - really seem to be even more of an issue with 1.8 since it isn’t easily fixed any more. Hope someone can take a look at this.


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Thanks for the feedback, @pscreed, and apologies for the delay. I just wanted to let you know that this has been passed along to our team for further investigation.

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Hi @pscreed

Can you share a video detailing what you’re seeing here? We’ve tried looking into this and we haven’t found anything to be working unexpectedly, but I want to make sure that we aren’t missing something here. Thanks!

@dylan san
I have the same bug in my environment.
I cannot remove “haruomi hosono” that was automatically registered by Roon. It just shows up in red.

Hi @ucchi

It is expected that the artist doesn’t disappear entirely — Once it is deselected it shows up in red as you see there, and the link is removed unless enabled again.

@dylan san

“the link is removed unless enabled again.”

“Haruomi Hosono” has been removed, but the album shows “All tracks performed by Haruomi Hosono”.
Where is the “Haruomi Hosono” setting still there?

After upgrading to 1.8 (790), album shows even for added artist names.
However, there is still a problem with a deleted artist (Haruomi Hosono) being displayed.

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