1.8 Export albumlist is missing [Resolved - Build 763]

In 1.8 the funtion to export the list of albums to an Excel file is missing.
That is a big thing for me, because there is no longer a way to identify the Tidal albums with changed IDs and readd them.
As long as Roon did not diplay what albums are deleted or changed by the streaming provider, this function imho is a must.


Also if you plan to change your streaming provider it is helpful to have a list of all your albums.

Sorry for the trouble here, @AE67! Our team is looking into this.


I have the interface in French : the function is not really missing, but it is barely visible because the first option (export to dir) is too wide.

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Interesting: Where can I find this export option in Roon 1.8?

From the My… Albums, Artists, Tracks, etc…screens.

For example, select (right-click) an album or group of albums, then click the three dots in the circle icon that appears on top banner, then Export… from the dropdown.

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This was resolved in B763

It works now Thanks

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