1.8 grievances aside, who is noticing improved sound quality?

Seeing anecdotal evidence of better SQ in 1.8. (PS Audio forum, Steve Hoffman forum, etc…)

It sounds great (better?) on my modest system, with no other changes, but curious who is noticing “measurably” improved SQ, and what specifically are you noticing… Anyone?

And, if Roon can comment, is it possible that this is a thing? Or is it confirmation bias? :slight_smile:

Maybe there’s a separate thread, but I didn’t see it…

It’s not just anecdotal. They did improve audio and CPU bandwidth overhead:

Audio stack improvements

The audio pipeline in the Roon Core has been optimized to reduce memory traffic and CPU usage. We have also improved the efficiency and mathematical accuracy of the dithering algorithm used for DSP.


So if you bypassed the dsp before you should not hear any differences.

And there was I wondering if I was the only one to have read the release notes…

… although if you’re not using any form of DSP, I guess you’d have to be using a directly connected DAC that was susceptible to ‘that sort of thing’.

I’ve never used DSP, but i notice a significant SQ improvement.

I have a couple different systems, and I play with settings… sometimes I use HQPlayer, sometimes Roon’s DSP/upsampling.

Sounds better in both cases.

I think.


It’s still improved. The audio core itself takes less memory/bandwidth which can translate to improved audio quality (less overhead).

I thought it sounded warmer and more “vinyl-like,” but then I noticed I was playing a vinyl rip.

(Sorry, just kidding. Carry on.)