1.8 Leaks significant memory on OSX

I Can confirm,

Memory 9,99 Gb
Mac Mini M1 (2020)
16Gb RAM
OSX 11.5.1

Roon 1.8 (build 814) Stable
22040 Artists, 62137 Album, 830683 tracks

Hi Fabio,

Maybe you can help me… I have a huge library (855,000 + 10,000 skipped tracks) also as you have. I am using MBP 16" CTO i9 64Gb , macOs Catalina (my friend told me Big Sure is even worse, so i didnt updated). I am using -try to use- Roon (1.8 (814)) since 3 month, but every day freezes and i have to force quit. I thought my library is too big so i delete the duplicates and the albums with lower bit rate. But always roon tries to add more tracks(???) and the metadata improver is stopped with red exclamation mark… Have you heard this problem? Do you have any idea what is wrong?
My mac also hungry, sometimes uses 25Gb memory.

…in my system too my metadata improver is most of the time with Red Mark…

Normally after two or three restarts…everything’s seems ok…
but the problem is the long start delay of roon app.

In these days I’m building a server to use with Unraid
I want to install roon as ROCK…

I’ll let know if it works…

Ok, ia m waiting for your information, thanks