1.8 new "What you've been listening to" - possible BUG?

I’m exploring the new 1.8 interface (some cool updates), but was puzzles when the data on the new home screen showed me listening to things I’ve never heard off.

I was first suspicious when it showed “Stage & Screen” as my favorite genre (it’s not), and then in the details I see that my top artist is someone I never heard off (Joe Hisaishi), and my second top album is something I’ve never heard before (American in Paris, by the same Joe…).

Is this a bug in the new release? or am I missing something…

Hi @goldwerger ,

Are you using the correct Roon Profile?
Is this a shared Roon Core with another person in your house?

Hi @noris - I only ever had a single profile, under my name, and this remains unchanged…

Hi @goldwerger

This data is pulled from your playback history, which is the same as in the History page. If you look through History in Roon are you seeing anything these items?

thanks @dylan

The History page seems accurate and refelcts what I’m actually listening too - which is mostly Jazz and Vocal, and then a little bit of other genrs like R&B, Classical, etc.

I acutally don’t listen to “Stage & Screen” at all. I’m sure there are couple of tracks that would map to that I am not realizing, but it is not 40% of my listening, not even 4%… so the above summary diagram is mysitfying…

Is that Joe Hisaishi “American In Paris” release correctly identified by Roon? If it’s in your local library and if you check that release and view file info on the tracks, what do you see for storage location?

great question @Joe_Bradley

just checked and it’s not in my library, more specifically it’s not one of my files in my library, but a content from Tidal (which I am using as well).

I tried to go to History page to see if it appears there, but looks like Roon in 1.8 put tremendous capabilities to search and sort through all pages, except this one… so there is no way to just sort this list by artist or title, or even just filter it, and needless to say the list is massive so can’t look one by one.

Thanks for the feedback here @goldwerger. “What you’ve been listening to” should be a direct representation of the history tab, strange that you’re seeing otherwise here. We’ll discuss with the team and investigate this further.

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Hi @goldwerger ,

Thanks for your patience here while we checked in with the team on this one. The way to manually correct this is to find the items in the History Browser and removing them from your played list.

QA believes that this issue could be due to Roon Radio picks, possibly Roon Radio was running in the background in one of your zones and was left playing overnight.

We are not seeing widespread reports of this, but if you encounter tracks/artists which are not included at all in your History Broswer show up in the Recently Listening To section, please let us know and we can take another look, thanks!

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