1.8 - what is the thing you most hope for?

So, 1.8 is imminent, which in the world of software means sometime between now and the Apocalypse. But when it comes, what is the first thing you will check for - which bug or deficiency do you most hope is fixed, which new feature are you crossing your fingers for? Which one thing?


Improved now playing display. That’s my only gripe.

Edit: Also improved playlist management/export and smarter roon radio. Those are my only gripes, too.


Not killing the battery in one hour anymore on my MacBook Pro.

… and some other bugfixes.

If I compare the interfaces of Qobuz, Tidal, Apple Music today, the look and feel has become a little bit old fashioned.


-A keyboard shortcut to switch to different zones, for example on Apple Command+1 to switch to Zone1

-An option to show the library in list form and to change the letter size, because it is very arduous scrolling in a large library at the moment


A permanent fix for dropouts. We can all dream.


the ability to browse through my folders containing music


I find that I usually have to trouble shoot the system that is being widely used by my household. And I certainly hear about if it isn’t working right, which is inconsistent. I’d love to not get the stink eye because something isn’t working with the “over complicated streaming software he insists the rest of his household uses”.

  1. Improve speed of loading pages, including the notorious slow OVERVIEW and DISCOVER pages.

  2. Improve streaming reliability, “audio is loading slowly” “loading album is slow” is the most frightening warning. Pushing download speed of 300mbps; we stream HD movies, work remotely controlling remote computers, and video meetings with no problems, but loading music is slow is very puzzling.

  3. Improve wifi and end point reliability, dropped end points …, uugghh.

  4. Improve iOS reliability, something is not right with the iPad app. Squash bugs infecting iOS remotes, iPad and iPhone not showing up in the ZONES list, periodic freezes and crashes, slow refresh on wake, error loading saved page, and slow loading pages in general.

  5. Some sort of editing of meta data. Roon is great when things are straight forward, but there is a lack of flexibility for meta data editing when faced with a meta data disaster like this page for the British power trio, “Cream”… :point_down:

  6. Improve search to include data beyond local library, example, a search for the label ECM only returns the albums I have, but it would be nice to see the available ECM catalogs. Same with searches under genre, I know what I have already. What other music can I discover if I want to find out more about say “Shoe Gaze” as a genre…, beyond my copies of My Bloody Valentine.


That won’t be happening for sure. Roon are very clear on this point.

I know, but it doesn’t cost anything to dream.

I have 13,000 albums, and I can’t even remember what I have.
I remember maybe a hundred of them and they’re the ones I’ve listened to the most and I don’t really like the research that HE does (do you want to listen to this or that?).

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Mine all works. For me the main priority is the update doesn’t break anything. After that I’ll be curious to see what enhanced capability comes with the updates.


Eventually we have to calculate, can we live long enough to enjoy all the music we own, let alone new music :joy:


Option to get rid of “Rate this song pop up”


To listen to 13000 albums only takes 325 days. And you don’t waste time changing and cleaning the records. Assuming 12 songs per album, 3 minutes per song and you never sleep.


I hope for an additional search filter for hi-res audio files


Focus is the tool of formats like High Res

  1. Improve handling of box sets. E.g. album art and title per disc
  2. Improve handling of multi-part compositions.
  3. Add personal notes to album or track

13k albums is only 1.5 years of listening :joy:

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Boolean search would be right at the top of my list.


Insomnia has had me pushing this rate of late.

Bandcamp integration for me, not expecting it particularly though.


But who knows where in a Room results set…