1.8 - what is the thing you most hope for?

Loudness function, like in JRiver

I filled up a few iPod classics years ago. The streaming option works far better as I can just stream files from my home network to my iPhone. Over 280K songs so JRemote is quite wonderful for that!

~Has anybody mentioned box sets?

You read my mind , answer yes right at the top !

  • Logitech Harmony Control
  • AppleWatch Controll
  • Alternative Music Services
  • Multi Language Pack
  • Vertical View at IPad
  • Design Refresh
  • further DSP Settings designed for noobs
  • or something realy new - because new is alwasy better :slight_smile:
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There’s an extension for that -

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  • Album random, ie play a random album at a time
  • Roon Radio that works.

I’d like the controller to work in portrait mode on my Android tablet.

I’d like the controller to not keep losing contact with my network causing a few second wait to reconnect just to, for example, pause a track.

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I’d like to see a more robust backup procedure.

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Multiple alternatives here. You can backup to dropbox (directly). Or to a folder synchronised to any other cloud storage solution, which will synchronise the backup to whatever service you prefer.

I’d be happy if it stops this persistent annoying issue

Roon doesn’t keep track of what Linn DSM is playing

Possibly because if Roon get his wrong even once on the bedroom endpoint there could be huge marital disharmony.


Roonus Interruptus?

I hope that Roon will automagically figure out all my network architecture issues and make the WiFi I’ve bodged together from a vintage (c. 1996) router left over from my old cable TV company work with my core running on a x386 laptop in the kitchen cupboard.

Why can’t I get reliable DSD 512 upscaling???

Lastly Roon Radio never picks the twee single me mates and I recorded to mp3 back in the day. I’m sure it’s on a thumb drive somewhere WTF?!?!


I get zero dropouts. Running ROCK, music on an attached hard drive (USB3), and wired ethernet from the ROCK. Dropouts are usually networking-related.


Spotify and Apple Music integration
Integration with smart assistant so I can say “Hey Siri playxxx”
Better search on iPhone and iPad

I just hope it’s an easy time for support to cope with such a point release as the more they put in the more likely some might struggle to grasp the new versions capabilities.

This is my 5th point update in my roon use…always look forward to it though :sunglasses:

Also wish HQplayer can be installed on the ROCK so I don’t need another machine

Hqplayer can swamp a Nuc easily

Depending on the options