1.8 - Windows - Can no longer "Select All" from Tag screen [Ticket In]

Among my other hobbies, I’m a amateur DJ. I use Serato for keeping my DJ library organized, and I maintain separate copies of tracks that I intend to play out as I use a different tagging structure for those songs that helps keep me organized in Serato.

My workflow before the 1.8 upgrade was:

  • Use Roon for track discovery.
  • When I found a track that I wanted to add to my DJ crate, I would use a custom tag (“DJ”) to make a note of it.
  • From time to time, I would then access the tag in Roon, select all of the tracks associated with the “DJ” tag by clicking CTRL+A, and export them to a local folder on my PC to do the necessary format conversions and tag massaging in a different application before moving the files to my Serato library.
  • After exporting the tracks, I would select all of the tracks with the “DJ” tag from that tag’s screen in Roon, add them to my custom “DJ Archive” tag, and remove the “DJ” tag.

Under 1.8, the CTRL+A keyboard combination no longer does anything within the screen for a given tag. This is VERY inconvenient.

Has anyone found a workaround for this other than manually selecting each track one at a time? Can @support confirm that it’s being fixed in the near future?

Hi @Scott_Johnson1 ,

Thanks for the feedback here, I’ve passed this onto the team for further investigation!

wow TAGS really is a weirdo screen, even the selection option on the top left does not work, but all is not lost:

Right Click 1st item, Cntl-Page to the Bottom, Hold SHIFT and left click last item.

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