1 terabyte SSD installed in nucleus only shows 120GB after formatting

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus revision B
Server software Version 1.8 (build 1021) stable

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet network with Linksys switch

Connected Audio Devices

Denafrips Pontus 2 DAC via USB

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Just installed new Samsung SSD 850 into Nucleus and formatted as instructions stated. After formatting the drive shows but only with 120 GB.

Please advise
Jeff Noblin

Jeff, welcome to the community, let’s see what we can do to help. From the looks of your Internal Storage, it appears the Samsung EVO 850 drive is one of their 120 GB models. Was it labeled as a 1 TB drive when you purchased it?

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850 EVO was a 2014 design. I’d be surprised if it is indeed new.

If possible, power down the Nucleus, take out the Samsung 850 EVO, and take a photo of it focusing on the text on the label.

Also try to find the purchase invoice of the 850 EVO.


I have determined that the SSD is faulty or at least it appears to be a problem. I have ordered another SSD and I will report back when it arrives and I get it installed. Sit tight and I will let you know in a few days. By the way…Do you have another brand of SSD that you can recommend? Is there a limit on SSD drive capacity as far as the Nucleus goes?

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All the mainstream SSD vendors should be fine. Quick question though. Roon does not need a large SSD for its OS and database storage, so depending on the size of your music library, a 120 GB drive should be fine for most users. The library storage drive is the one where you will want larger storage, again depending on your library and whether you have a lot of local files or just use streaming services.

Don’t know if you got this from Amazon or not.

It isn’t unheard of for SSDs to have their boxes switched as a form of theft.

I believe you are correct in this situation. The box and the drive sticker clearly state 870 EVO 1 TB, but the Roon Nucleus reports back 850 EVO at 120 GB. I think I someone switched the packaging and the sticker in that the 850 EVO is much older model.

I have over 750 CD’s at present and due to high availability and cheap prices, I intend on purchasing many more. I was trying to have all my primary music stored on the Nucleus and use a networked NAS as a backup.

No worries, I have 1,300 albums, about 18,000 tracks, and my database with about 10 backups is only 12 GB. You can’t store your music on the Nucleus’s OS drive, which is why a smaller OS drive is fine and a larger library drive is an option for internal storage in the Nucleus, or other options such as USB-attached drives or NAS/network storage.

Amazon will make that right. No need to get cheated.

Another SATA alternative is Crucial MX500 (note: not BX500). We’ve just bought one for our reception staff PC. (From a Linux TRIM feature standpoint MX500 is functionally preferred to 870 EVO, although ROCK / Nucleus does not perform trim.)

To fit a 2.5" music library drive inside a Nucleus it’s limited by the physical dimension instead of capacity (provided that you have increased RAM or even m.2 boot drive for database as necessary). Last time I checked the largest drive you could use is a 8TB QVO (FYI only, not a recommendation. I never liked QLC.)

Sorry to hear that.


All good guys. You were right. it was drive. Replaced it with a new one and all is well. Thanks for all the input and help.



Great to hear Jeff. I marked this as solved, enjoy the music.

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