1 year free Roon, wifimedia Europe

I got a promotional e-mail from Roon, which state I still have today to claim 1 year Roon for free when buying an iFi xDSD Gryphon. The links in that email refer to wifimedia.eu. Wifimedia however does not have any codes to share for this promotion, so they won’t give me the 1 year Roon. (Which makes me wonder why Roon would link to their website, but oh well).

Also, I bought my iFi Gryphon on the 2nd of november (2022) through WifiMedia. Am I still entitled to get the 1 year Roon for free? If so, how?

There is a form hele:

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Hm, bad timing from my part then. :woozy_face: Thanks anyway.

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