1 year old Ayon S10 not Roon Ready Certified - Dealer replaced with new version that is

I purchased an Ayon S10 a year ago and it worked great with Tidal. I loved it! But then I finally tried Roon and it only took about 2 seconds to hear how much better Roon sounded than straight Tidal in addition to the much better UI, Roon Radio, pics, etc.
HOWEVER, Roon recognized my Mac, my Windows laptop, and even the Marantz AV receiver I have in my Home Theater setup, and it did see the Ayon S10, but would not connect to it, giving the error message of “unfortunately the manufacturer has not completed the process of certification for this device”
I contacted Paul at my dealer USATube Audio. After a few exploratory emails he asked me to return the unit, which I did. After about 2 weeks, Paul told me he would be replacing my original unit with a brand new S-10 II! Upon receiving the unit the new S-10 it worked fine with Roon.
My only conclusion is that Roon may have licensing issues with some manufacturers and some of their devices.
Can you say Sony Beta? Or SACD? :rage:

That’s interesting as Ayon are still not listed on

Roon’s Partners Page

Maybe Roon could comment.

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Thanks Jim,

I saw the Ayre but not the Ayon … I even refreshed the page just in case.

I must be going blind… (actually there some truth in that as I wasn’t wearing my reading glasses).

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The conclusion would be that the Ayon required a firmware update to the latest level to make it fully compatible and for whatever reason they were unable to do that. Hats off to Ayon for minimising your time without the amp.

Yes, Ayon certainly did right by me and I wanted to share that with other Ayon owners. But I’m worried that Roon might be making licensing or certification difficult and consumers end up being the losers.

Right now the combination of Roon and Ayon is Nirvana!

Thankfully your worries turned out to be unfounded.

They don’t make it difficult they make it stringent so it works for the end user as it should . They have been caught out by shoddy manufacturers releasing software with unfinished code that has resulted in Less then stellar performance and support issues. They recently put a stop to this by not authorising non approved products. They have a strict QC policy to ensure all aspects work as they should , not all manufacturers get there quickly and none first time and some unfortunately not at all. They are no more stringent than Apple or Google in this regard. It also costs the manufacturer nothing other than their own RnD costs to use Roon.