100 track per CD limit [Increased to 180]

The limit is still there. And for some usage examples:
E-books via tidal usually have a couple of hundred tracks (for instance ~300 tracks for “Muminpappans memoarer” - Tove Jansson :slight_smile: )

Jeroen van Veen’s “Satie: Complete Piano Music”, purchased as digital download, has 266 tracks :neutral_face:

thankfully, even though I just found about the 100 tracks limit, I opted for re-numbering everything accordingly to the 9 CDs edition

Ah! I was worried about this, then I saw the limit was per DISC, not per ALBUM. Many classical boxes, of course, have more than 100 tracks.But since the CD format is limited to 99, this is far less of a problem. I suppose, though that modern discs (say Blue-Ray) may be able to hold more than 99 tracks?

This is the problem. While a CD may be limited to 99 tracks, a box set isn’t, and it’s common for box sets to be presented as one disc with more than 100 tracks.

has 123 tracks, gets truncated at 120 (so close :slight_smile: )

This limit has been reported a number of times via the forum (e.g. here), but it’s still present. It would be nice to hear whether it’s on the list of things to be addressed. I have a number of podcast archives that have more than 120 tracks in them, and I’d like Roon to be able to handle them.

Guys, FYI, we are aware of this issue and we do have an internal ticket to address this.

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will the 120 track limit be fixed in roon 1.3

I have edith piaf complete recordings which is a digital download release

roon identifies all 150 tracks on the album edit page however only 120 tracks are shown

@support I thought this was dealt with long ago. No?

All — Please be advised that I have touched base with our developers and a fix is indeed set into place pending the release of 1.3. We appreciate your continued feedback and most importantly your patience.

Many thanks!

well, fix is not quite the right word… i raised the limit it to 180 – the real fix will come later… this is not small. the problem is in the performance of the graphical layout engine in this particular layout.

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yup: added a three discs, 80 tracks album today and… it takes forever to load then again forever to access “details” and save when/if I edit something :frowning:

yup, and the problem will get much worse with 180 – real fix is unfortunately to redesign the layout of this entire screen

@danny, any idea when this temporary fix will work? I have a copy of Edith Piaf’s Complete Recordings, 150 tracks in total. Roon identifies the album correctly as being one “disc” with 150 tracks (in the Editing screen), but still shows only the first 120 tracks (in the Album screen), so I can’t play the last 30 tracks. I tried re-identifying, but this didn’t work.

In the initial release of 1.3.

Thanks @joel.

… looks also playback is affected :expressionless:

I’m getting hiccups, on that 80 tracks album, even after restarting the NAS, Mac mini and Aries
doesn’t happen with other albums

maybe i should put this back to 120?

Folks, in the interests of pragmatism, is there anything wrong with using a tagger and setting it up as a multi-disc set, say 50 tracks per disc?

That potentially makes a mess of identification.