12 days left in January

There’s just 12 days left in January.


Oh please, give it a rest. They’re working as hard as they can.


I see I’m not the only one doing Dry January here.


Does this mean a new topic every day, or the mods update the heading daily?

I’ve never done dry January before but it’s proving a little more difficult than I imagined!

Is something happening in January?

Spotify is launching MQA on all its database.



What’s MQA? :innocent:

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What’s Spotify?

What’s January?

who’s doing the 12 step program?

I am also attempting a dry January. With 1.3 so close (yes, yes, I said it) I chose a hell of a time to quit drinking

January which year? MQA … More Questions Asusual…oh wait we have a thread for that…maybe we need a thread that is not about January, but then that would dry up or maybe the opposite and come alive after January

What was the question?

Please, please, please, please,please,please and another 1000 times please, keep this forum at a serious level. This is not a chatroom, this is a forum for Roon users where they hope to find helpful information.

Ok guys, the fun police are here. Time to resume MQA discussions and whether Dolby should acquire them now or wait a bit.

I don’t think Meridian needs another factory at the moment.

I’m glad the seriousness of Roons forums was highlighted. On a day where Trump became President, it’s a good time to remind ourselves that there should be little fun in life.

For what it’s worth, I hadn’t noticed there were 12 days left in January at the time of the post, so it’s certainly been helpful to me.

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Cabin fever is setting into the Rooniverse.

Reading the Trump inauguration speech certainly left me in a daze. I suppose we should probably blame him for the demise of serious and professional conversation in audio forums now, you know, before he’s actually responsible for ruining everything.

They can have Trump. We have Roon.