192 kHz vs 96 kHz & MQA

One album shows as MQA 192 kHz but eventually ends up at 96 kHz

The other album shows as MQA 96 kHz and … also ends up as 96 kHz

Is this simply a limitation of the KEF LSX? I have them hooked up to my home ethernet and the two speakers are also connected to each other with the RJ45 cable. I thought the LSX supported up to 192 kHz.

Strangely this also applies when using my Cambridge CXN-V2 streamer/dac (see below).

The lsx may be 192 capable but have no mqa decoder in them. The decoding is happening in the roon core and it only does the first upsample to 96. If you want more than that then you need an mqa dac.
If you look at the signal path for the Cambridge audio, roon is telling you it is being upsampled inside the cxn2.
Also as a tip for future, post in a category relevant to your issue, support for example.

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You can of course have Roon upsample the decoded MQA from 96 to 192 if you wanted by turning on Max PCM Rate under the endpoints DSP sample rate conversion setting.

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You could, I guess – but in the case of the LSX it would make little sense. While they do accept 192kHz, the inter-speaker connection is limited to 96kHz (wired) or 48kHz (wireless) and all audio is resampled to either of those values.


!! :astonished: Learn something new everyday, I say. Then yes, I agree it makes little sense.

I have a pair in my home office with a small Kube8b sub… Great little speakers… Up to 96kHz. :smiley:

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Thank you all

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