2.0 - unable to access Qnap Roon Core 2.0 on Macbook Pro 2.0


Roon Core Machine : Qnap TS-877, AMD Ryzen 7 (48gb RAM)

Version : 2.0 (build 1160) earlyaccess
QPKG-Version : 2022-11-17

I am attempting to access the Roon Server on my MacBook Pro (M1 2021 - Ventura 13.0.1) - I am getting “Incompatible versions” in spite of them both being 2.0 builds.


They are incompatible because your Core is running an Early Access build, and your Mac is running a Production build.

Your Core and all your devices need to be either set to run Early Access, or all set to run Production builds. You can’t mix them.

You need to decide what build you want, either Early Access or Production.

Please read this article, it continues the steps you need to follow to get all your devices and the Core to your chosen state.

Thanks for the clarification. Is there a production 2.0 for qnap because I haven’t been able to find it? If not then I am out of luck until one becomes available. I have been using roon arc daily.

If i understand correctly I would have to go back to production version 1.8 on both Mac and qnap to make them compatible?

It’s now in the QNAP App Center, AFAIK…

Unfortunately, it’s not. The 2.0 version available is the one I have installed, “Early Access Installer.” Any idea of an ETA on an actual 2.0 production version for Qnap?

Are you sure? I see three download links for the Qnap on that Roononnas.org page:

  • Get it in the QNAP App Center (I assume that this is Roon 2.0)
  • Download Legacy Installer (1.8)
  • Download Early Access Installer

The version that is available from the Qnap App Center is the oldest version available: RoonServer_2021-10-03_x86_64.zip
So, yes, I am sure.

@crieke - can you help here? Thanks.

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