2 Audio Zones Disappeared

Roon Core Machine
Intel NUC i5
Software version 1.8

Networking Gear & Setup Details
Verizon Fios Router
Netgear network swich
I run Roon from either my iphone, ios version 15.4.1, or Lenovo laptop - Windows 10

Connected Audio Devices
Sonos speakers via wifi
Naim Unitti Atom HE via ethernet
Sonnet Hermes streamer via ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue
I have been running this setup for almost a year now and it has worked flawlessly. About a week ago I was no longer able to locate the Naim as an Audio Zone, it completely disappeared. Today I lost the Hermes as an audio zone. I had been listening to the Hermes earlier in the day and it is now no longer visible. Sonos speakers are still visible and play music. Both the Hermes and the Naim are approved ROON endpoints. I know both are connected to my network, I can listen to internet radio using the Naim and the Hermes says Network ready as it always does before I use it.

I have tried rebooting the NUC and powering off and on both the Naim and Hermes streamer and neither has worked. While I was trying to figure out the issue an update was released so I updated my system. Neither endpoint are visible on my phone or laptop, Sonos is still available and works fine. I do not know how to rediscover them and not being able to stream music is killing me. Ay ideas or suggestions as to how to fix the issue would be most appreciated. Thank you.


Hi, @John_Anderson3, thank you for your post. Could you, please, answer the following questions:

  • Fm I getting it right that Naim Unitti Atom and Sonnet Hermes are connect to your Netgear Network switch?
  • Could you, please, specify the model of the Netgear Network switch? Is this a managed switch?
  • Have you tried rebooting your network gear?

Sorry for troubles.



Thank you for your reply. I rebooted my network switch and everything is back up and operational. I did not even think of this option, thanks. I am not sure what you mean by a “managed switch.”


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