2 MicroRendus on one LPS-1?

I have two USB devices in the same place, speakers and headphones.
Thinking of getting a second MicroRendu.
Or maybe an UltraRendu.
Is it possible to hook two Rendus to one LPS-1?
Forking cable?
Enough juice? Only one will be used at a time, so it’s one active, one idle.

No experience with 2 mR, but I have tried running an mR and an X-SPDIF2 off the same LPS-1. In my case the power to the X-SPDIF2 ran via USB from the mR. I think the X-SPDIF2 draws 0.3 amps. I found that the LPS-1 would thermally shut off sporadically every few hours. I tried 5v instead of 7.5v and same result. In the end I opted for a separate power supply to the X-SPDIF2 (ifi for the moment).

Strange, I run a Microrendu and a Matrix Audio X-SPDIF2 off an LPS1 into a Holo Spring Level 3 and have not had any issues?

Exactly the same setup and had problems. What voltage is your AC supply ? 240v here but the LPS-1 was behind a 110v step-down transformer and an iFi iPower. Do you leave it on all the time ?


Ghent Audio sells Y split, unless you DIY.

Hi Andrew

Yes 240v direct no transformers and it is on all the time.

You should write Uptone and ask them, but my understanding is that it shouldn’t be done.The LPS-1 is really designed to only put out 1.1 amp continuously and the mR is supposed to receive 1 amp continuously, so 2 mRs would be too much for it, I think. And the mR needs 6V (not 5) to run properly.

I am running a Sonore microrendu and a Sonore Ultradigital via a Channel Islands Audio 9v / 1.5 amp linear power supply… (Ghent Splitter 2.5x 2.1 (2) cable feeds both units from the CIA PS).

I placed a Kill A Watt measuring device in line to determine actual current draw. It’s not calbrated per se, but I read 0.10 amps drawn, and 12VA on my 120 VAC setup.

Andrew from Small Green Computer suggested a power supply capable of 1.5 amps continuous to run both of these units from the same power supply.

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Thanks, everybody