2 PCs with the same Machine ID in Roon

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Running 2 Microsoft Surface Pro4s. Both are running Roon Version 1.7 build 537 64bit. 1 Surface is running the Core and the other is running Remote.

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Running on a standard Home network,

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Description Of Issue

Both Surfaces have the same Machine ID in the RAATServer logs. This seems to cause confusion to Roon as I can only get audio from the Surface running Core and not from the Surface running Remote, This problem has been raised before but for 2 Macs, The user solved the problem themselves by deleting a file that contained the machine id and then reinstalling Roon, I believe my problem may be because I originally had Roon Core installed on the 2nd Surface. Somehow Roon is using the same Machine ID for both Surfaces. I have other devices connected including a Windows laptop and they all work fine. Can somebody please tell me where Roon is getting the Machine ID from. Here are excerpts from the logs. one from each machine. You can see that they have different “unique_id” and “machine_name”, but have the same “machine_id”

Surface with Core:

05/26 12:17:43 Info: Starting RAATServer v1.7 (build 537) stable on windows
05/26 12:17:43 Info: [RAATServer] creating RAAT__manager
05/26 12:17:43 Info: [RAATServer] appdata_dir = C:\Users\robin\AppData\Local\RAATServer
05/26 12:17:43 Info: [RAATServer] unique_id = fe3e4a84-3b9c-472c-9b27-0a6e56303907
05/26 12:17:43 Info: [RAATServer] machine_id = 6844bea0-d795-9722-ee8a-198ac3c359c0
05/26 12:17:43 Info: [RAATServer] machine_name = SURFACEPRO4
05/26 12:17:43 Info: [RAATServer] os_version = Windows 10

Surface with Remote:

05/26 21:25:00 Info: Starting RAATServer v1.7 (build 537) stable on windows
05/26 21:25:00 Info: [RAATServer] creating RAAT__manager
05/26 21:25:00 Info: [RAATServer] appdata_dir = C:\Users\robin\AppData\Local\RAATServer
05/26 21:25:00 Info: [RAATServer] unique_id = 7f107457-dfb3-4721-9fcd-8052655ca702
05/26 21:25:00 Info: [RAATServer] machine_id = 6844bea0-d795-9722-ee8a-198ac3c359c0
05/26 21:25:00 Info: [RAATServer] machine_name = DESKTOP-F94N4SE
05/26 21:25:00 Info: [RAATServer] os_version = Windows 10

Did you clone one machine to the other?

No I did not clone them. I originally had Roon installed on the one Surface Pro4. Then I decided to install the Roon Server on an older Surface Pro4 and just run Roon as a remote on the other. It works fine for every other device I have connected. I have spent a few days now testing out all the options and the only thing I can come up with is the matching Machine ID. So I just need to know where this comes from or is stored.

Hi @Robin_Morgan,

We have an upcoming change that we believe will resolve these types of issues. We are still testing these changes so I can’t provide any specific timelines just yet, but let us know how things go once the next release is available!

Just noticed I never responded to this. Yes the release did fix the problem.

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