2 separate libraries

Hello there

I created a second account for my gf but she has my library. I’d like to create a second library just for her with her own music pointed to a different folder.

Why isn’t it possible?

Alternatively I tried to create a bookmark for her but I had to use focus > criteria > music added after today which is not optimum.

What do you do for this use-case?

If you have your girlfriend’s music in a seperate folder, than add this foler as a seperate folder in your Watch folders in Settings - Storage.
Of course this folder should not already be ‘watched’ as a subfolder of your library .
If you do so, you can then go to Album view, Focus, Inspector, Storage Location.
You should be able to single select your girlfriend’s folder .
Now make a bookmark at the top of Album View, e.g. named as your girlfriend.
And you can make a bookmark for your music by clicking on your girlfriends bookmark to invert it - it will then show all albums in your ‘watched’ folder(s).

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Hi @Gigatoaster,

As @anon90297517 mentioned, using bookmarks and sorting by storage location would be the best way to achieve this separation at the present time.

Since this appears to be “working as designed” I would recommend also posting your suggestion in the 'feature request" section of the site.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on that category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community. Thanks!

Thanks to both of you. I followed your instructions.

It is surprising that we can’t have 2 separate libraries, which a basic functionality. I’ll create a Feature Request for that, let’s see if it will be reviewed.

But why stop at 2 libraries then? For whole house systems/users with families, what about libraries for you children’s/teenager’s music etc etc. The viable way to go is one library managed by Roon for different profiles. I tag all the Wife’s favourite music on import so it is just a few clicks away. Not difficult to do or manage.

And also not 100% separate. Seaches will cross the tag boundary, Roon Radio will do so too. The queue will show music played by both to the same output zone.

That is not acceptable to me and I am guessing by the posts probably not to the OP either. I require a 100% hard separation between libraries. This is indeed only doable with 2 separate cores.

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Hello there

When I created a profile for my gf, I was surprised to see she had access to my library. All I wanted is that she had her own library of music and we keep them separated. It’s safer for the sake of both of us.

So after looking for help, I was told to use Focus on & create a bookmark. That’s just a workaround. I still see her albums so that is not optimum.

Could we have the possibility to create 2 or more separate libraries?

Or this is not possible to force users to buy a second license?

I’ve merged posts and moved the whole topic over to #roon:feature-requests to avoid duplication and keep the history together.

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I also would like to have more separate libraries, as I don’t like to have Christmas songs and Classic mixed in between.

Thanks for merging the post.

Now that the FR is created, when will it be reviewed?

It is best not to expect any change and be pleasantly surprised when it happens.

But, to your direct question, Roon does not typically respond to feature requests, and very rarely discusses timetables for updates.

Thanks John_V for your message. I am a bit surprised about it because it is said that the Roon Team looks into this, what is preventing them to communicate on FR?

Anyway, I’ll check again in a few weeks to see if that FR has been reviewed. It would be nice to have a status like “needs review / in plan / not accepted / will not implement”.

While the Roonies do read every FR, it’s extremely rare that they will comment giving the status on a FR, so don’t be disappointed if there’s been no response when you check back in.

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Hi @Gigatoaster,

As @Geoff_Coupe mentioned, while we review every feature request, we don’t necessarily respond to each one. You can see our stance on feature requests in the following thread:

For the time being I would suggest using the current tools at hand: Bookmarks, Storage Location and Profiles to separate the library. Thanks!

Can’t see why Plex’s model would not work for this. I use it to separate my stuff from the kids and works well. We have different stats per user and can only see what each one is allowed to.
But with this you still have one streaming accoint setup across users. I guess the issue with having different libraries would be to also add streaming accounts per user. Here things could get messy and heavy on processing syncing. Not sure I would want that.

It could be different in the sense that it might require two separate databases running at the same time. If you really want separate, there is no overlap and each owner gets the full features of an individual database. If you have two big libraries (local and streaming, separate metadata, stats, favorites, bookmarks etc.), you may be obliged to run two databases simultaneously. Roon is a bit of a beast already, but start multiplying multiple instances and it could get unwieldy.
TBH, it could also be way simpler than this. I just don’t know. It could be as simple as only a few people want it. We often don’t know what’s behind the curtain.

But where do you draw the line, some will want more than two libraries so could see this type of model being untenable especially if they are all using Roon at the same time.

The Plex model seems more appropriate for what most users are looking for more control over the profiles, like locking down some material and allowing only read access to some, still have all the stats per user, radio would work still based on the users play history, you only need one streaming account. We have one Tidal account for me and my partner and we have different tastes, it’s not a problem. I know for some it would, but there will need to be comprise somewhere.

You are lucky your gf doesn’t have sh*tty taste of music.

I don’t think it’s going to be an issue regarding performances if your gear is 1 or 2 years old. For instance on my Mac mini 2018, I have processing speed of 9.5x while upsampling in DSD128. For old gear, there might be a possibility to work in a low performance mode, I guess. And one profile can turn off while the other is on, unless you are looking at multi-zones.

I can create 2 profiles but it is sharing the same library, that doesn’t make sense. Unless it is for pushing to buy 2 licenses.

Hifi is a solo hobby, it’s a bit sad to listen to music alone, it’s like drinking alone. Wouldn’t be nice to listen to music while accommodating with different people taste?

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I think that an “all the way” profile implementation can provide this functionality. There are other threads about profiles, like the “Party Mode” thread, but there is no mention of profile specific folders.

When configuring a music folder there can be an option to select the profiles that have access to this folder (only an admin can configure this). With profile information in the Roon database, non-accessible folders can automatically be filtered out when displaying e.g. albums. There shouldn't be a need for a separate database.

Something similar can be used for Tidal/Qobuz import. An import is only for the active user unless the user is privileged to add for others.

A system wide profile feature can be hard to implement in an existing code base but, in my opinion, it would be a great addition.


Exactly what I was implying with the Plex model as it does just what you describe.