2020 Mac Mini M1 Roon Core - Insane Amount of Ports Being Used - Is This Normal?

Roon Core Machine

Roon 2.0, Build 1128, Mac Mini 2020 M1, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, MacOS 12.2.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

recent Xfinity modem/router connected by ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Roon Remote:
Roon 2.0, Build 1128, Macbook Pro 2021, M1, 16GB RAM, MacOS 12.4, connected by wifi

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issues

I updated to Roon 2.0 a few days ago and have left my Roon Core running during this time to see how it would react. I’m only running Roon on this machine along with a few small widgets that were pre-installed.

While it’s initially using less memory than 1.8, I’m noticing some strange numbers on the Activity Monitor. In particular, the number of ports being used keeps climbing the longer it runs. I’m also noticing that rpcsvchost is using a lot of memory, and getting consistently higher.

Is this normal?

After 2 days, prior to restart:
roon - 3.10 GB memory used - 74,000 ports
rpcsvchost - 1.22 GB memory used - 47 ports
raatserver - 229 MB memory used - 168 ports
cached files - 5.28 GB memory used
total memory used 10.63 GB

soon after I restarted
roon - 3.46 GB memory used - 765 ports
rpcsvchost - not running
raatserver - 213 MB memory used - 149 ports
cached files - 6.26 GB memory used
total memory used 8.04 GB

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The number of ports used on my Mac Mini M1 continues to rise anytime I have it turned on. Earlier this week I had left it on for maybe 3 days and it was up over 90,000 ports used. This is visible on the Activity Monitor.

I’m not really familiar with how ports work, but this seems like a really high number. Is it something to be concerned about?

My post is certainly not urgent and I know there are a significant number of high priority issues with the recent update, but does anyone have thoughts on what might be happening here?

see the same thing here with an Intel Mac Mini and macOS 12.6. Roon also uses a lot of memory - over 1G when it’s running for a while with those thousands of ports open.

Those are Mach kernel ports (macOS is based on Mach) and are used by the kernel for interprocess communication. That number does seem excessive and might constitute a “Mach port leak”.

Doing a Google search on “macOS and Mach port leaks” yields a lot of good information.

Let’s hope the folks in Roon Support see this and check to see if there is a bug causing Mach port leaks.

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Just checked on my core and it is using 50,000 ports (Roon 2.0, 2018 mini, Monterey 12.5). However (and I really hate to jinx it), the memory leak seems to have disappeared after upgrading to 2.0 :man_shrugging:.

I think I’m having something similar happen on my Intel Mac mini with Roon 2.0. After a couple of days, I notice that Roon becomes slow and unresponsive and is burning around 120% CPU usage. Quitting Roon and relaunching it temporarily solves the issue.

BTW: I did run a Sample on the Roon process when it was in this bad state, so Roon support folks let me know if you want me to upload it (its a couple of MB worth of backtrace).