2022 - Roon Ready AV Receiver for Home Media Room Project

Hi All,

I have read through the threads and was looking for an update on Roon-ready A/V receivers. I am about to start a home media room/bar/lounge project and the contractor cannot locate a Roon-ready A/V receiver that has all the latest DTS, two zones, and can support 8K.

We are looking at using Control4 to control the system, and currently he has speced a Marantz SR5015 receiver and is recommending we just add a Bluesound Node 2i to that. Would be great to have an integrated solution, however.

I have Roon in other parts of the house, running off an iMac, and have one zone with a Lumin T2 and Wilsons, and another with a Node 2i…this section of the house, for the media room/bar/lounge would be networked in and can tie into the iMac Roon server. There is a separate hot tub area outside, hence we need two discrete zones with the ability to merge both for a party.

We are looking to start the project next week, any advice would be MUCH appreciated!!

Thank you!!


I’m not aware of any Roon Ready receivers to date, but Marantz and Denon are listed as Roon Tested. I too would love to find a RR receiver for Ethernet connectivity with Roon…

I use the Denon AVR X8500H 4K version 13.2 channel receiver. The newer version is AVR-8500HA 8K 13.2 channel.

I have a personal requirement for my receiver to have 7.1 analog inputs for Multi-channel Roon Ready SACD player and MC Roon Ready Streaming DAC.

The high end Denon and Marantz receivers meet that requirement. That requirement aside the receiver supports my 7.2.6 surround speaker arrangement for excellent home theater sound. The Stereo and MC music playback with Roon over HDMI is very good as well. For me the kicker is the ability to connect my 8 channel RR dac via the 7.1 channel analog inputs with playback bypassing the receivers internal processors and only using the internal amps. I don’t have the space for separate pre-amp with multiple amps so having one box that can handle it all is good for me.

Sounds like a fun project. Good luck with that.

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Anthem as well state 'Roon coming soon".


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Trinnov Altitude 16 is a Roon Ready endpoint with Roon volume control. It can do multichannel using Roon, if that’s of interest. But it’s at a much higher price point than the Marantz/BlueSound combo.


I am using a JBL Synthesis SDP-55 and find it a pleasure to use.
It is Roon ready and works via ethernet and HDMI from a nucleus (not tried any other connectivity so far)
8K will be an updated HDMi board upgrade available sometime soonish.

Worth a look.

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A simple integrated solution would be to set up Roon Endpoints using the Airplay 2 that is built into the Marantz AVR. The Bluesound Node II endpoint might not sound any better than a Roon Tested Airplay endpoint on the Marantz AVR.

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My 2 cents:
Airplay is limited to 48/24. Node 192/24 and has a good DAC. I know some disagree but I’ve owned Schiit BiFrost Multibit, DAC Magic, Gustard X16 as well as Node 2, 2i, NAD C 658 etc. The Node 130 will smoke an Airplay system.

The NAD 778 AVR will have an upgrade path to 8K, though I’m not a fan of NAD AVR’S, Anthem are much better at AVR.

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thing is with avr there not very good with music,ive tried multible dacs into my marantz sr7012 and didn’t hear any difference


I think some of the new Pioneers are Roon Tested and have Dirac Live as well - for less money than similar NAD AVRs. But based on my experience with the NAD 758v3 - I would not dismiss NAD AVRs out of hand. They sound a bit better and are much easier to use than much of the major market competition. And NADs approach to adding the video capacity as a modular card upgrade makes a lot of sense given the problems some of the major manufacturers have had in actually getting these video capabilities up and running.

I would also suggest forgetting about the two zone feature. Most of them suck in the way they are implemented. They are often source limited and awkward to select for via remote control. Makes much more sense to me to get a separate Roon Ready amp like a Bluesound PowerNode or something similar for those other zones and have real control over that zone.

Whether the latest and greatest DTS and/or DD decoders is worth the extra expense is another thing to consider. If you think about the amount of time many of us (myself included) have spent toggling thru AVR menus to confirm what level of decoding we are actually hearing - it isn’t a big leap to think that the audible differences are negligible at best.

Bottom line in my experience is do not spend megabucks on AVRs. You will get a much better bang for that buck with multiple subs, room treatment, and better room correction like Dirac Live or Anthem ARC. More channels, more power, and more decoding levels does not necessarily produce better sound.

Based on all of this, seems like there are no compelling alternative solutions out there. I think the best cost/benefit approach might be just to do the original set up with Marantz 5015 (neither Roon ready or tested) and Bluesound Node 2i going into it as a source for the two zones. Will use Control4 to program the zones…

Thanks all for your thoughts.

ARCAM AVR 5, AVR 10, AVR 20 and AVR 30 are Room Ready. Same for the AudioControl and JBL Synthesis AVRs. Also all NAD receivers are Roon Ready.