24 bit/ 192 kHz from Qobuz does not play without chopping

Roon Core Machine: MacBokk pro

Mac Big Sur 11.6.7

When I am now playing high quality music via ROON the music is hacking/ chopping for every 4 second. When I play the sam music from LINN Kazoo everything is ok. Why is this happening?

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices LINN Acurate

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Fill in the requested information or people will be guessing at the issue. Have you done basic troubleshooting like rebooting everything from the network outward?

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Fortunately not a general problem, since this …

… is streaming flawlessly here …

This problem is not present when I move my Core (Mac) to be close to my Linn Player.

But from my usual music room it suddenly failed.

Stop using WiFi on your core machine. Wire the core, and then things should be ok.

I have tried this without good result. And earlier this has not been a problem at all

Most likely your WiFi is not good enough…try reducing the bit rates to 16/44.1

Run everything in the streaming path over ethernet. Don’t use ethernet over power either

Two tests to perform as has been previously suggested.
Hard wire everything.
Reduce streaming quality to 16/44.

This should help to trouble shoot the actual real problem.

WiFi is extremely crappy for clocked data stream that’s used with RAAT based endpoints.

The strange thing is that I now could play 192 kHHz/ 24 bit continous in about one hour without any issues at all. But then without any changes the music suddenly plays 5 sec and then stops 2 sec, plays 10 sec, stop 3 sec and so on.

Whys this change in behaviour- and as I mentioned if I play these tracks on LINN Kazoo player nothing wrong happens at all.

I believe you have already been given the most likely possible causes…


Wifi is like this…so many means to get disrupted due to other airspace interference, could be a microwave oven nearby, or a BT devices or even lamp controllers…you just have no way of knowing…for normal data its often recoverable, for clocked audio signals like Roon/RAAT demands it not 100% reliable. For a control device its just data.

I’ve never had trouble playing Qobuz tracks at any rate via Roon to my Linn systems, but everything is wired between Roon Core and Linn systems. Linn’s streaming is rather sensitive to network details and which app/protocol are being used to stream. From 3 years of experience with Roon+Linn: wire everything, use simple unmanaged switches on the data path between Roon Core and Linn endpoint. A lot of frustration will be avoided.

Now I have a network cable between my Mac (ROON CORE) to my Music Storage Airport Time Capsule and a network cable between Airport and the Linn player. But the problems still occur. Also with direct connection by cable between my Mac and Linn??

Another RED FLAG I am afraid to say. Did you read the Networking practice at all? Apple Airports get a serious down thumb too…Ive been there and done that years ago.

“Finally, we strongly recommend against using Apple network devices such as the Apple Airport Extreme and Airport Express (note: it’s fine to use the Airport Express as an Airplay device). To ensure the best performance, we recommend against using these devices.”

More robust WiFi options can work, but run a cable whenever you can for no fuss operation.

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