24 bit support to Sonos with Qobuz [Available in Build 831]

Good afternoon,

I have a future request.

Qobuz have introduce a month ago 24 bit support for Sonos speakers.

This is possible to chance on the website when you login in your personal account.

Now I would hope the 24 bit support from Qobuz is also possible in Roon. Now Roon doing only 16 bit on Sonos.


@Rugby No feedback yet?

@mike No feedback yet?

I don’t think you can do 24 bit through Roon as everything is downsampled to 16, unless I have not figured it out yet and would also be curious if there is a way.

Get in then :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for sharing.

Said I would! :+1:

Roon now supports 24-bit playback to Sonos S2 devices. Please see our full release notes here: