Roon 1.8 (Build 831) is Live!

Roon 1.8: September 2021 Release

In our latest 1.8 release, we’re rolling out one of the Roon community’s most requested features: native control of Roon from your phone, even when the screen is locked. Alongside this, we’ve made it even easier to compare different versions of your favorite albums in Roon and expanded Roon’s exporting functionality.

Instant control of Roon from your phone

You can now access essential controls natively from your Android or iOS* device without going into the Roon Remote app. Now playing information, volume, and pause and skip controls can all be controlled from your phone.

Adjusting volume this way controls the level of your audio gear connected to Roon, and respects the volume limits you’ve already set in different zones. This latest update also includes support for your mobile devices physical volume controls, so you can change the volume of your music without even looking at the screen.

On iOS, we’ve also implemented the much-requested gesture support for navigation so you can now swipe from the left or right edge of your phone screen for easy back and forward navigation.

*iOS Beta only: to use this feature, go to your Settings in Roon Remote and enable ‘Lock Screen Controls’. Find out more

Compare versions of your favorite albums

Roon’s album page has always featured a “Versions” tab where you could find other editions of an album, including those from your own music library, TIDAL, and Qobuz. In our latest update, we’ve completely redesigned this view, making it even easier to compare versions in your library and beyond. Whether you’re looking for an expanded edition with bonus tracks or want to listen to an even higher-quality version, Roon lets you do this in a couple of clicks.

Take your Roon content to services around the world

We expanded and improved Roon’s exporting functionality, so it’s easier to copy media out of Roon, or to export detailed information about your music to Excel.

For those of you who enjoy listening to your playlists on multiple streaming platforms, we’ve also worked with our friends at Soundiiz to make it easier to export playlists and other content from Roon to various music services. Our new Soundiiz export mode generates a custom CSV file for any playlists, favorites, or library content you select, which can easily be uploaded to Soundiiz and synced to TIDAL, Qobuz, or nearly any other streaming service.

Try Soundiiz Premium

To get access to all of the Soundiiz features, including the ability to transfer all of your playlists to different streaming platforms at once and to keep all of your playlists synced between different platforms, use code “ROONVIP” at checkout to get 15% off the Soundiiz Premium subscription.


Since the success of Roon 1.8 release in February, we’ve received tons of great feedback from our community which we have been using every day to make improvements to how you use and experience Roon. In fact, since 1.8 we’ve made almost 150 bug fixes and improvements to Roon, and this release is no exception.

New improvements include: a new “Date Modified” sort feature for your playlists, faster loading of your Daily Mixes, improvements to the search autocomplete user experience, high-resolution playback on supported Sonos devices and shuffling of tags that now includes playlist content from outside your library. You can see a complete list of improvements over on our Community post.

Without our community’s input, feedback and support, Roon wouldn’t be where it is today and for this we are truly grateful. If you have any suggestions, questions or you just want to come and say hi, you can contact our dedicated Customer Success & Support team via our Help Center or Community.

The Team At Roon Labs

Roon 1.8 (Build 831) Release Notes

Roon Build 831 is now rolling out for macOS, Windows, Windows (64 Bit), Roon OS, and Linux.

Updated versions of Roon for Android and iOS have been submitted to their respective App Stores and will be available soon. There is no update for Roon Bridge at this time.

All platforms and apps should update automatically.

New Features:

  • Implemented lockscreen and hardware buttons volume control
  • Added ability to sort playlists by Date modified
  • Redesigned ‘Version’ tab on Album details
  • Improved export functionality

Changes and bug fixes:

  • Autocomplete:
    • Polished UI of the Autocomplete dropdown
    • Resolved an issue where autocomplete dropdown would be shown after deleting search query
    • Fixed flickering in autocomplete dropdown while entering a search query
    • Autocomplete dropdown no longer displaying unavailable content or deleted tags
  • Export bugs:
    • Resolved an issue that could cause a hang of the Remote during export procedure
    • Excel export generates a file that is fully compatible with Excel, Numbers, and Google Sheets
    • Resolved incorrect handling of albums by “Various Artists” or “Original Soundtrack”
    • Resolved inability to add ROONTRACKTAG info into .MP3 / .M4A files
    • Resolved cases where the app wasn’t properly exporting Track / Media numbers
    • Resolved an issue where ‘Solo Keyboard’ instrumentation wasn’t exporting properly
    • Resolved cases where special chars in file tags weren’t exporting
    • Resolved inability to export items with multiple dots in filename on Windows
    • Improved ability to use combined chars for export file path on Windows
    • Proper track-level artist info is used in place of “Various Artists”
  • Sorting dropdown:
    • Adjusted copy in dropdowns
    • Added ability to change sort order by clicking on an arrow button in the sort dropdown
  • Daily Mixes:
    • Improved loading state of Daily Mixes details page
    • Fixed issues with Play actions
  • Updated ‘Audeze presets’ with new headphones
  • Implemented support for streaming 24-bit audio content to Sonos device running “S2” Gen firmware
  • Fixed height of the “Remove” field on Album multiedit screen
  • Fixed bad copy on the Genre details page
  • Added “Go to artist" and “Go to album” options to the track context menu on Mobile
  • Updated “Roon ready” and ‘Roon tested” logos
  • Added album release dates to View more pages for Qobuz, TIDAL browsers
  • Cleaned UI of the volume feedback panel (when using hardware controls with app open)
  • Repositioned Explicit icon on album details
  • Cleaned up “Save as a playlist” dialog
  • Tag Details: shuffling a tag that contains playlists will include non-library tracks
  • Improved loading state for Daily Mixes details page
  • Resolved a crash on MacOS when changing scale factor
  • Removed unused Facebook connect functionality
  • Resolved issues where certain streaming content wasn’t displaying in Roon
  • Resolved absence of Settings gear button on Now Playing screen in case of disabling all options
  • Resolved an issue causing Roon to hang in case of corrupted TIDAL account file
  • Resolved issue where negating focus cart wouldn’t scroll to the beginning of the list
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