254 does not recognize USB Schitt Yaggy

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus basic I-3 Roon Core Machine
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Nucleus, hardwired to LAN.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Spectrum router and wi-fi work fine.
I can play back the Nucleus through my HP laptop so the circuit is complete.

Connected Audio Devices

Yaggy USB DAC.

Number of Tracks in Library

I use only Tidal - wiped out my library trying to get the DAC to work.

Description of Issue

Every year a new Roon update drops recognition of my Yaggy. I have tried all the restarts and downloads of new (254) software, but this time it just will not work.

Nucleus will not provide signal to Yaggy. USB connection appears solid. The Yggy sees the
power from the Nucleus. The Nuc will recognize my CD codec if plugged into a cheap phono to USB converter.

I am considering dumping my whole rig without replacement. I have just about had all the software nonsense I can take.

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