2nd mac (Remote) won't play audio locally, always plays on Core mac

Core Machine
macOS 11.4 15" MacBook Pro named MacBookPro15

Remote Machine
macOS 11.4 13" MacBook Pro named MacBookPro13

Description of Issue
Trying to Enable System Output on MacBookPro13… audio plays on MacBookPro15 core, not on remote machine.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

There are two stages:

  1. On the MacBookPro13, go into Roon’s Settings Audio, it should list the audio outputs that are available on the MacBookPro13, select the one you wish to use and enable it, this will then make that output available as a Roon Zone (I recommend giving it a meaningful name as that will help with identification / selection).

  2. On the main Roon screen, clink on the zone icon (bottom right) this will pop up a menu of the available zones, select the required zone (as name in #1). Once selected play a track to test.

Hope that helps, but if not I suggest you take some screenshots of what devices Roon is displaying.

I am attaching 3 screenshots:

MacBookPro15 (core) Settings/Audio

MacBookPro13 (remote) Settings/Audio (does not show local outputs)

MacBook (remote) Settings/Audio (working correctly)

It’s as if roon doesn’t see the MacBookPro13 as a playback capable device.

Hi Michael,

This type of issue has been seen before. Is the MacBookPro 15 a clone (Migration tool) of the Macbook13 (or vice versa)?

Applications were migrated 15->13. I’ve tried deleting roon App and all of it’s /Library and /home/Library folders that I can find. After reinstalling, issue is still seen.


I believe Roon still thinks the computers are the same. I’ll tag @support. They will know how to correct this.

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Hello @Michael_Pickup and welcome to the Roon community :wave:

I’m sorry about the trouble you’ve ran into and we’re thankful that you’ve let us know about it. Our technical team will return to work on Monday, but I did loop them in on your case.

In the meantime, I wanted to thank you for engaging on our community - also, thanks go to @Greg and @Carl for their help :pray:

Thank you for the Roon community welcome! (I’ve been using Roon for almost five years on my mix of Macs, PCs, iPad and iPhone.)

A separate note for your reference:
In the example above I’ve connected the
to a MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2016)
which doesn’t work out…
The USB-C port on the MacBook does not supply enough power. Only the ‘left channel’ DAC plays on the 12" MacBook. The PEE51 does play correctly on my 13" MacBookPro and Lenovo T490.

Best, Michael

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Same problem here since last october.

Contacted Roon and they offered suggestions that didn’t work.

Hey @Michael_Pickup,

You’re definitely a veteran then :grin: . Thank you for your support over the years!

Thanks for the additional details about your setup. Our technicians will be more able to make an educated recommendation. They’ll follow up here as soon as possible :pray:

No help yet on how to establish the 13" as it’s own machine?

Silence? Only Silence?

Sounds very similar to an issue I had:


Hi Russell, I can’t access your link. Did Roon help you solve the issue?

Same issue here, without any solution so far.

Hi All,

Apologies for the delay here, I have followed up with you via private message with instructions that may help with the issue! If you are seeing this issue in the future, please flag @support and we’ll take a look, thank you!

Success! The instructions PM’ed resolved the issue.