300 albums gone! [Answered]

I had 4100 albums since a few days ago. Today they are 3801! checked the files on the NAS and everything seems fine.
The problem seems to be related to Tidal.

First thing is how do I know what are the albums missing?
If I go to skipped files, none are there.

If I go to to Library Maintenance it says “clean up deleted 6060 files” But I didn’t delete any files!

Please help!

In settings > General

Do you have show hidden albums set to yes?

yes. I believe it has always been like that. So?

Ok I got the log files zipped. I can send it to your email. So you can look into them. what is your address?

Are they all Tidal files so far as you can tell ?

I think so. How can I be sure? I checked in Storage and the imported tracks are what I remember.

Users reported a similar issue back in February 2016. Roon @support will look in, but perhaps not till Monday.

Are the albums still favourited in the Tidal app outside Roon ?

I didn’t do anything in Tidal so I have no reason to believe some albums were cancelled from favorites. If there is a method in Tidal or anywhere else to check that I will look into it. But I am not aware at the moment.

I can wait till monday I sent an email to mike.

Hi @simomat —— Thank you for your continued feedback but more importantly, thank you for your patience. My Apologies for the slow response here.

Moving forward, in regard to the behavior you are experiencing with TIDAL content. It is hard to say for sure why this happened where your track count seems to have decreased, but TIDAL content (as I am sure you’re aware) is subject to availability as determined by labels and publishers. TIDAL communicates to us what is and isn’t available, and unfortunately that can change in some cases.

If you can recall any content that’s gone missing, we may be able to look into it – I’d need to check with our developers on that. You could also check your “history”, as a way to “spot check” any content has gone missing.


Thank you Eric you’ve been very helpful.
Looking into history I discovered a few tracks missing.

For example Duke Ellington meets Coleman Hawkins was missing. I searched for the album again in Roon/Tidal and it’s there so I added it again.

I recently got a promotion on Tidal from my carrier Vodafone (6 months free). That might have influenced MY MUSIC content in some way.

I will look for more missing Albums and let you know.

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Otis Taylor Recapturing the banjo
Candy Dulfer Funked up!
The Coryells
Chuck Mangione Everything for love

All these albums are missing and are not available in Tidal anymore.

Other albums that were unavailable I was able to find them again in Tidal and add them to my library.

Thanks anyway for your great support.

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Thanks for the follow up and the kind words, @simomat!

Happy listening!