€3k - best ROON “player”?

With the fast development (Dac mostly, maybe?), I am keen on spotting great deals at this budget max level - and without doing programming etc.

Perhaps look at SOTM sms200 ultra. Supposed to be the very good.

Auralic G2?

a G2 is closer to 5k but Auralic will shortly (in Munich) reveal the Aries “G1”:wink:

I understand there were/are some teething problems with G2…Just gossip…

You guess or:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hmm, a G2 is $3900 and the OP made his question is Euros. So, about the same.

Really? What kind of problems? The G2 is on my short list of financially unobtainable wishes.:sunglasses:

you forget we have 20+% VAT so list price for a G2, here in EU, is €4200 :neutral_face:
original Aries femto owners also get a $1000 rebate… just in the US :triumph:

A chap on CA is being sent his third unit due to failures on the other two. A suggestion it may have been hurried out. Don’t like being a gossip though… l had an Aries and Vega for ages, loved them.

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I bought a Bricast M5 (Roon Ready) and am very happy with it. it replaced a mRendu with a LPS-1 PS.

It really is. I bought the bundle of three as link. Plus HiDiamond USB cable. I use it as Roon endpoint, my core is on an iMac on the network. But I think it can be used as a Roon core. It’s made a huge difference to the detail, space around voices and instruments. It’s been money very well spent.

There is one coming from metrum. its gonna be the best high-end-point.

And what’s your good reasons for saying this?
Do you have one or?

The Metrum doesn’t have a USB out if anyone is interested in that option.