"48k" DSD Rates?

Words can hardly express how much I’m enjoying Roon’s new crop of DSD features, but going forward, it would be great to add 48k-derived DSD rates in addition to the current 44.1k-derived rates. Essentially, this amounts to the ability to choose “power of 2” rates for DSD, like you can now for PCM (for DACs that support those additional rates).

For example, I upsample everything to DSD256. Currently, if I upsample Red Book (44.1/16) material, it ends up at a DSD rate of 11.2896MHz. But if I upsample source material that starts off as, say, 48/24, I have no option but to upsample it to that same DSD rate — what I’m suggesting is that I’d be able to choose to have that upsample to 12.288MHz.

Hope that gets the idea across. (It’s what’s called “Auto rate family” in HQPlayer. Apologies to Jussi.)


It’s in the queue. Not sure when yet–but next time we’re working in that part of the system I’ll make sure we fit it in.


Just a gentle poke that this is something I’d still love to see added…

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Me too :frowning: . It’s been almost two years.

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A gentle reminder.

@brian maybe if you do 1.536mhz PCM / DSD1024 support at some point, tie these together?


It’s quite frustrating that I have to use hqplayer purely for compatibility even if I’m not upsampling.

I really hope 48k base rates, and 1.536mhz support can be added soon.

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+1 for the 48K DSD feature in Roon !

But did you vote at the top :relaxed:

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Oops :slight_smile: Done !


Any updates on when you guys will do this? You said the above 5 years ago…

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Just after they do classical box sets :smiling_imp: