4K AppleTV in 2017, Hi-Res Audio, too?

Nothing is said about audio, but a fifth gen ATV makes me wonder if it will be a hi-res audio streamer as well. Might be the time that Apple turns the switch on hi-res in iTunes to fight off MQA.

to do it they should, first, tell their customers they lied about quality for 15 years :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m an Apple user myself, but I prefer MQA over any Apple-High-Res format. MQA is for everyone, Apple’s own format just for their own ecosystem.

They really should implent MQA themself. Nobody needs another Bluray Vs. HD-DVD, VHS Vs. Betamax etc. In such a case there are no winners, just losers.


I would not be surprised to see them completely revamp iTunes, It’s so broken - they have been bloating it with additional stuff for years, even the functionality is doubtful now, for example, if I lose the connection to my server XLD asks me to find it, iTunes just assumes I want to rip to their default folder and doesn’t even mention my preferred folder has gone. I’d love to see a new UI and up to date capabilities, but this is Apple…

I think ALAC would be their file type for hi-res. I may be wrong, but I think that is what labels/artists have been submitting to them in 24/96 format for years now.

ALAC can still contain MQA files. But yes, chances that Apple will support MQA are tiny.

My point is that Apple has it’s own ecosystem but I doubt their hi-res files will be limited to that ecosystem.

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Yep, as part of the ‘Mastered for iTunes’ process, they probably have the largest Hi-Res library on earth (24/96) and have for many years.

A job on the iTunes team would be pretty sweet, with access to that library :slight_smile: