5,000 song shuffle limit?

Why shouldn’t Jim_F contribute? The discussion is open to ALL subscribers. Just because he doesn’t do things my way doesn’t mean I don’t value his way of thinking. I want variety in thinking just as I want variety in my music…a LOT of it!


It’s great shuffling huge libraries. I’m always hearing cuts I’m not familiar with, or hearing a cut that I haven’t heard in ages. And I love the way that scuffling creates strange genre shifts, like classical to hard rock, or folk to jazz, or whatever. Variety IS the musical spice of life!

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Me too I have an all tracks playlist and I shuffle that.

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I have over 15,000 tracks beginning with “A”. So when I shuffle, 5000 might get me up to Ahmad Jamal. But it also gets me a heck of a lot of ABBA. Although I love ABBA, there’s so much more in my collection that I love even more that ABBA. Then again, as a kid, I used to DX AM radio, jumping from one station to another. Guess I was born with an innate need for variety.


I put everything under one bookmark, and shuffle from that. I also have my 3200 DSD tracks bookmarked as such, and am currently shuffling that… Dang, they sound so good!!

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Some people don’t even like Ferraris, either.


Agreed, and I enjoy alternative perspectives, provided the topic does not veer too far off course and everyone is civil and looking to contribute positively.

This experience with the shuffle no longer working in a manner that I had become accustomed to has made me try different ways to enjoy my music. The radio feature is ok, as I can build a queue from my library or the streaming services, but it tends to select mainstream tracks where I would prefer a more randomized option.

That said, picking an artist such as the Beatles, Thievery Corporation, or ZZ Top to start the radio has made for a very delightful listening session. Though, I find myself going back to the Roon player more frequently to select something else to play as I get a little tired of hearing similar music over and over again with very few B-side tracks or other songs lost on an album with a couple of hits on it.

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You take that back!

I have never shuffled my entire library before, but in honor of this thread I am doing it! (with the Tag workaround).

It started off with a really bad Billy Joel song (skip) but has gotten better from there.

while working, I enjoy shuffling the entire library minus a few genres (holiday, my live concert recordings, etc) I do like the new functionality - at least I think its new? - where you can start with everything, then subtract genres out - that’s less messy. Like others, the 5000 is no good for me in alphabetical order … While they’re figuring out, I’ve added a ‘sort by date added’ - so at least you get 5000 of your most recently added stuff - That works for me in the short term while they work on a fix.

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What is the ‘tag workaround’?

Go to Tracks, select all, Add a tag like “Shuffle” to all tracks, go to that Tag and hit Shuffle.

Note, you may or may not want a Tag on all your songs. To later remove it, you have to go to Tags, select all songs, and hit Remove from Tag.

Where are you launching this from, Tracks or Albums? I am not sure that the sort of the view affects which get picked by the Shuffle 5000, are you seeing a dispersed sampling of your library (alphabet wise)? Or did you add a Filter in Focus to do this?

Thanks for the assurance, @mike. I don’t know if this is related to the 5000/alphabet problem, but, when I shuffle, I notice a different non-randomness. Out of the thousands of artists in my library, Roon shuffle seems to keep going back to about 20 of them. Roon shuffle also seems to prefer some specific tracks and albums from those artists. The problem is very similar (identical, really) to the problem shuffle had a few generations ago.

If you prefer, I can start a new support thread about this behavior. Otherwise, I’ll wait for the fix. Thank you for your work on this.

Thanks RobOK, this is doing my bloody head in. Loved 1.7 as it just worked. Tracks - Shuffle. Done.

Hope they get it fixed soon. I am missing Rush and Young and various other artists after D.


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And obviously there are a thousand ways to get to Shuffle… Focus on some albums by date, genre, favorites - and shuffle that list, it will be much more random given the current situation. (but not your WHOLE library). Or go to Artists that you have favorited (if you do that), or go to a Tag.

The whole library shuffle will get fixed.

From albums - first subtract out genres I don’t want - then to the right there is a sort drop down - I’m not 100% positive its then selecting from that set, but it certainly appears to be…?

Yeah, I realise it will get sorted in the end.

I just liked the way it randomly picked tracks out, some I had forgotten I’d bought years ago. Then go to my streaming service and see what I had missed or any new material that particular artist had released.

I have sorted what you suggested above and now have more selections than Artists beginning with A , B, C and D. Cheers.


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Please check out our latest release, Build 763. While the changes in 1.8 were intended to make the album browser’s play options more consistent with other screens, we know that shuffle was not actually selecting content from across your entire library.

This has now been resolved, and it’s once again easy to play a completely random selection of music from your library.

Full release notes:

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