5,000 song shuffle limit?

Haven’t been able to find any answer to whether or not this is intended, limited functionality because Roon can’t handle more than 5,000 songs in a group shuffled now, or the 5,000 song message and limit on filtering is a bug and going to be fixed. Can someone from Roon confirm?


I also see this…5,000 songs getting shuffled get’s me to about “C” with my catalogue. Not really usable with large libraries

I’ve seen this number as well. I had a bookmark in 1.7 that was all the tracks I hadn’t played in the last 3 months that were also not tagged as holiday and would shuffle those as my own personal ‘radio’ station. One track would play, the next would show up in ‘Roon Radio’ (or the queue, can’t remember which) and I could thumbs up or down to add it to the queue. I could let this run all day or simply add some number of tracks and have a short, random playlist of tracks in my library. Now, when I click shuffle on the tracks in that bookmark, I get a queue of exactly 5000 tracks - 17 days worth of continuous listening. Not exactly what I’m going for.


Not only 5k songs, but they are in alpha order shuffling songs with letter A or Artist A. This is really bad and I am canceling if not fixed pronto


It’s the first 5,000 based on whatever view/criteria you use. It guarantees that your shuffle is as limited as the variety of the 5,000 songs is. Which if it’s 1-2% of your overall library could be legitimately ONE artist!


It’s unbelievable. Huge step backwards…


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Have you tried untagging all those albums after? I don’t know about even trying that personally given how hard it is to remove tags in 1.8.

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No, I haven’t. But, hopefully the tag issue IS a bug to be resolved.

A 5000 track shuffle limit wouldn’t be so bad if those tracks were truly random picks from the entire library and not simply the first according to the sort criteria selected. With 1.7, I enjoyed randomly shuffling all of my songs from either Album or Artist lists and using the thumbs up/down feature in the queue to quickly build a list of music to play for that session. Well, until a song was skipped from being unavailable on Tidal or Qobuz, jumping over the entire list I had created and going to the Radio selections.

And to think I thought that was annoying and had hopes 1.8 might fix that problem.

It seems likely that I am not the atypical Roon user and there is a lack of available resources to keep up with customer expectations. Controlling music libraries with tablets appears to be the focus, which is not something that concerns me at all. I was only looking for a way to randomly shuffle any song from 3500 favorite albums on Tidal, since it was not something Tidal could do. Now it is not something Roon is able to do.


I’m confused- isn’t the thumps up and down for Roon Radio not shuffle?

In 1.7, shuffling initially only showed a single random song in the queue play, with the next random song from my library shown on the edge. I could choose to add that next song to my queue or skip it to show the next song from my library. i could quickly fill up my queue with songs from my Albums or Tracks library. like, no, no, no, no, yes, no, yes, yes, yes, no, yes, no, no, yes, no, no, yes, yes, yes, yes, no…

I could pick songs I wanted to hear as quickly as you could read what I typed.

If at any time a track was skipped, it didn’t pick random radio tracks, but it did choose another random song from my library. One that I may not have wanted to listen to at the time. I mixed up Radio with library queue preview track, or whatever it was called.


I can’t imagine why anyone would want to shuffle play from a 5000 song library. I don’t use shuffle at all, but I like to play music based on my mood or what I’m interested in at the moment. Bouncing around 5000 songs doesn’t make sense to me. To each their own, I suppose.


I am forced to Roon Radio until this is fixed. Shame on you, Roon!

Because of this, I found Anna Clyne. Bless you, Roon!


You can’t understand why someone would want to shuffle from their library larger than 5,000 songs rather than it shuffling between 5,000 songs in a row (whatever criteria that may be)? Hmm…


I play full albums only. I don’t do song list or individual tracks. We all have our own ways that we enjoy music.

Sorry, who spoke for you again? You’re the one who can’t imagine that not every user ONLY plays albums. What is the point of a shuffle feature if it isn’t actually random?


That’s why I never use a shuffle feature.

If you don’t use shuffle, why are you contributing to this discussion?


was there an update this morning? I thought maybe they fixed it but no. This is like some cheap music app now- only not cheap.