5.1 playback problems through Nucleus HDMI

Ten days ago I replaced an ailing Mac Mini (handshake problems with my pre/pro) with a Nucleus. At first, the Nucleus played my 5.1 ripped files perfectly from the 4TB HDD where I have kept my library. 2.0 plays flawlessly from USB.

Router works fine, Nucleus is ethernet cable connected.

Now many of my 5.1 files appear to play (the graph on my iPad shows movement) but I am not getting audio. Zone is enabled for HDMI, and some of the files play, but not all. Seems to be a random problem.

Earlier, some of the 5.1 files played back in a strange electronic noise that followed the flow of the music, but was just noise. Can’t reproduce that now.

Any ideas? Two weeks left on my 30 day trial for the Nucleus. Love it, want it to work.

Hi @Mike_Rife,

Do the files that play for you always play correctly, while the files that don’t work always do not work?

Can you share a screenshot of your Signal Path when playing to this endpoint when it works correctly?

Can you share an example of an album that doesn’t work correctly for you?


Need to do a little research, thanks,

OK, here’s what I think.

Over the weekend I created my first 5.1 playlist with three hours of files that I know play correctly.

Somehow, the list was corrupted. The first two files played perfectly. After that, I got movement on my control page and correct signal path info, but no audio.

This morning, I played the files individually, adding “play next” before the current file was finished, and it worked fine. I am deleting that playlist!

Are there other instances of playlist corruption?

Feeling much better today!

Hi @Mike_Rife,

I’m glad to know that things seem to be working for you now!

Was this a playlist that was created in Roon or was it imported to Roon? If you recreate the playlist does the same behavior occur?

Hey Dylan:

Thanks for following up on this. I created the playlist myself; I don’t know if I recreate the same first three or four files in a new playlist would result in the same problem yet. Will check it out in the next few days!