5.1 Signal Capability?

Does Ropieee (and RPi) have limitations on the number of audio channels it can handle?

I have one RPi sans HAT and one DigiOne. Both have Bridge endpoint software. But neither is recognized by Roon as a multichannel output. Everything gets downmixed.

I’m told I need a NUC with HDMI, and I well may. But I’d prefer working with existing RPi kit if it can be coaxed into a multi-channel mode.

I don’t think that Ropieee even supports the HDMI interface at all at the moment (@spockfish will be able to give the definitive answer). But even if it does, it’s likely that it will be for 2-channel audio only. AFAIK, none of the Linux distros support multichannel audio at the moment. I think we are still in the same situation as two years ago:

No, in essence not.

But it’s more complicated then that. Roon reflects what the audio endpoint is capable of. So take the Digione for example, that’s a 2 channel device.

HDMI has it’s issues on the Pi, so that could be a ‘no-go’.

But to be honest: I’ve never seen a working multi channel Roon setup all together, so I might be wrong :wink:

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Next time you’re in the Achterhoek, drop by - I’ll be happy to demonstrate Roon driving my Denon AVR with 5.1 audio… :wink:

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This is really funny… I am in de achterhoek.


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My take: Roon has no problem with multichannel music, but computer implementations of HDMI can best be described as funky. I was able to get multichannel working from my Microsoft Surface via HDMI to my Marantz AV8802A with a few work arounds, but I’ve enjoyed multichannel much more since I got an exaSound e38 DAC connected via USB.

Good luck!


Hi Geoff,

I am interested to know what device are you using as Roon end point?

I am using Macbook pro connected via HDMI to the Denon X8500. It is playing 5.1 ch just fine. My problem so far is that it does not send direct DSD, it converts it to PCM.

It’s an ancient Denon 3808 - it doesn’t understand DSD, only PCM.

I have multichannel working via HDMI from my Roon Rock to my Denon X3400. HDMI is limited to something like 196KHz, so native DSD or even DSD via DoP isn’t possible. Roon downsamples it to 96KHz and sends it out HDMI. It basically works, but not perfectly. I often have issues with the HDMI handshake insisting it’s 2 channel and I have to fuss around to get it to enable 5.1.

I only use HDMI for the multichannel files, for stereo I use an external DAC.

Hi @spockfish – does Ropieee support multichannel over USB?