50,000 albums and Roon is continually crashing and unusable for several days

I have around 50,000 albums and Roon is continually crashing and unusable for several days.
I have a Nucleus+ with 4 TB internal ssd and a 10TB external drive plugged into the Nucleus.
When I had half the amount of albums I had the same issues.
I’ve been told that the problem is having too many albums and not enough memory in the Nucleus.
It was going fine for several days but today I have the Roon black ball of death and I can’t access Roon.
I also use a WD mycloud EX2 Ultra NAS that I’m in the process of setting up, I’d like to use it to access music files while away from home using Plex.


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Hi @Paul_Elliott,

I spotted this topic, see below, not sure if it’s related or not but it looks like @vova was waiting on some feedback before the topic was automatic closed. If that needs reopening let me know.

Personally, I’d install 16GB of RAM ASAP in the Nucleus, with 50K albums it’s really a no-brainer.
Once fitted, you should see a marked improvement in performance and stability, but if not at least is one less thing of concern.

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Is Roon always unavailable during your issue? If it is available briefly, and if you have Tidal or Qobuz services, disable them (Settings > Services) temporarily to see if that gains you stability.

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50,000 is a heck of a lot of albums and that’s going to be pushing it pretty hard with only 8gb ram perhaps

I’m using 16gb for 350k tracks on an i7 Nuc and 12gb on nucleus (non plus) for the same library.

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Thanks for your message about this. I hadn’t replied to @vova as I was putting off reinstalling the Roon OS as I didn’t want to make problems worse.

Roon seems to have settled down for now, perhaps as I havn’t added much more in the way of content to my library. It’s hard not to though. I can’t decide If I should just leave things the way they are, or reinstall the database or consider adding more memory to my Nucleus +.

Add some RAM anyway thats the only upgrade you can do basically on the Nucleus+. Is this a Rev A or B Nucleus+?

Thanks for the suggestion,It’s a Rev A, is there any info about adding ram, and has anyone else successfully added RAM to a Nucleus?

IIRC based on my unit you want SODIMM 2400 8GB I think there are some details on the rock help pages

Internally its basically a NUC7i7BNx

Thanks for the info, we’re just coming out of lockdown here in Melbourne oz, when we do I’d like to find a RAM vendor that can install it for me.

I have Tidal but when goes I’m unable to get to settings to disable the service.

If you can use a screwdriver then you don’t need anyone to install the memory module. Once the cases open it’s like putting bread in a toaster.

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