50% Artwork Not Loading on iPad

Core on iMac - 1.8 build 764
Zenith Bridge - 1.7 build 572
Moon 280D DAC
iPad Remote - 1.8 build 764
Image speed is throttled.
46k artists
?? Images. Just realized that info is no longer provided. I have 1-10 images for each artist. (e.g., 10 artists named Eric Clapton, each with different image). Would like to be able to identify which artists or albums DON’T have images, not which DO)

Initial 1.8 release artist and album loading was fast and stable on iPad. With each release loading has gotten slower. Currently, even hours after opening the iPad Roon app, est 50% of images have not loaded on iPad. Note: all images ARE displaying via Chromecast on TV.

Have rebooted, unplugged multiple times. HELP!

Separately, where is the queue list of upcoming songs on iPad? Also, I just turned on the “Roon to tell you upcoming song 30 secs. before end of song” but that is not occurring on iPad. Does Roon need to reboot?

Please put +Create New Artist at the TOP of the Artist list vs. bottom. The original release had it at the top, but subsequent updates moved it to the bottom. It makes more sense to have it at the top. Otherwise you need to scroll a long way to the bottom every time you’re adding a new artist image.

Thank you.


Hey @Bruce_Orr,

Thanks so much for connecting with us on the community - I’m very sorry we didn’t get a chance to get back to you sooner.

Are you still running into this issue, especially after the Roon 1.8, build 764 release?

Have you tried reinstalling the Roon Remote app on your iPad? Rebooting your Core is also a great idea.

As for you last request, could you please post it in the Feature Request category? That way it will be in the right place for our Product Team to see it :slightly_smiling_face: .

Thanks in advance :pray:

Thanks, Rebeka. I kept re-trying the same things - re-booting, etc., and finally I think the artist and album art are both loading quickly enuff. I do however, have several other questions. I hope you can help me with related to the new release.

  1. I can find no instances in which there is NOT a “release date” on an album-view page (shown above the album title). However, when viewing Playlists and turning on “Release Date”, release dates are missing for a majority of tracks. albums. Can you please explain?

  2. I often cannot “Hide” a duplicate album. For instance, I have a single track from an album in my local library, and then choose to get the entire album from Tidal, giving me two copies of the album in my library. Roon will not let me hide the local library album containing the one track. If I delete the Local library will it be deleted from the local library? or is there another way to handle this?

  3. Genres: This section - as I understand it - takes my library collection and presents them in the genre identified by Roon. However, there are several “unidentified” genres. One such unidentified genre contains several albums, one of which is Etta James. She I think is undeniably a Blues or R&B - but never unidentified. How do I manually reclassify her (a single album or artist) in an existing or new Genre?

  4. Is there a way to easily identify the Artists or Albums that do NOT have an image?

  5. How does Roon count the number Artists in the library - is it the number of differently named artists? or is the number of artists? I often have 5-10 Etta James artist designations - each with a different Etta image.

  6. Previously, the Homepage identified the number of (album/artist) images in the collection? How can I easily identify the artists or albums that do NOT have images?

That’s all for now, but I appreciate your help. Thanks,


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