5V LPS thats not to expensive

I have several parts that uses 5V (DAC, Allo USBridge * 2, network switch), and it would be nice to feed them all from same LPS. But failing that, a couple of LPS for the DAC and Allo USBridge would be a good start. But what to buy? LPS can be terrible expensive after all.

Would it be better to buy 2 cheap LPS, or one more expensive and use it for both DAC and Allos USBridge at same time?

The cheapest option that I’ve come across that’s made in Europe is https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/hi-fi-power-supply/audiophonics-linear-regulated-low-noise-power-supply-usb-220v-to-5v-2a-25va-p-11364.html . I don’t have it but have been considering purchase for a while.

I’d be very interested in other options though - I’m a little reluctant to go down the eBay/China route as I just don’t understand enough to feel that I’d know whether or not it was well made and safe.

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I use a Channel Islands Audio LPS (9v) power two low current devices. Sonore Microrendu and Sonore Ultradigital. Custom Y cable from Ghent feeds the devices from the LPS. Works great.

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If an LPS has enough power, is there any disadvantage to drive 2 units at the same time? Can one unit deteriorate the power for the other unit?

For me, the 2 units that benefits extra much from good power is the DAC (Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital) and the USB part of the Allo USBridge. Neither of those requires a lot of power, probably less than 1A combined.

I got one of eBay to power my allo USBridge at first I thought it improved it but it was constantly making it hang or loose connection and it has red hot to touch. I tried it on Ropppie system with pi and LCD that I use as a control point only and it didn’t have enough current to power it properly where the bog standard smps was fine. The vendor though gave me a full refund and shipping costs to send it back to China. So I would be wary of these cheap imports they are what they are and may burn down your house.

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I bought a 5v eBay LPS from China couple years ago and has been running fine for various devices, currently digiOne.
Seemed very well made. It’s worth remembering a huge amount of electronic goods are made in China - no reason the quality should be poor. Equally there’s no guarantee of it being good (just like everywhere I guess).
I have to say I also worried about safety, but a ‘man in his shed’ type operation in Europe could also potentially be poor quality. I’d be very surprised if the audiophinucs supply (or half he ones on the market aren’t made outside the EU).

It’s always worth checking the devices current draw and checking the PS in question is up to the task.

FWIW I couldnt detect any difference between LPS, stock PSU or ifi power.

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Well I have never found the stock pi PSU makes anything unlistenable and my system is more than £500 I do think the whole PSU thing is a little bit of snobbery. Why spend nearly 3 X the value of the device on a power supply. Surely your money is better invested in something else like s better device.

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This one is supposedly very good: https://audiobacon.net/2018/07/11/paul-hynes-sr4-the-worlds-best-audiophile-power-supply/ Cost around $450 with shipping.

And it has enough juice to drive both my DAC and the Allo USBridge part (the Sparky will have its own power).