64 Bit Roon Applications [SOLVED]

Will Roon eventually be a native 64-bit application so more than approx 3,2 GB RAM can be used?

Any update as to when Roon will have 64 bit support.

Without it, I can only run part of my library.

Any update as to when this will be available?


What’s the status on the 64 bit version. Without it, a large collection is crippled.

Do you expect to issue it soon?

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Our linux builds are 64bit, Windows is on the way, and OSX is running into UI issues. We are hoping to have them resolved by end of the year, but no promises.

This is unfortunately about 3rd down on the roadmap, so although it’s not a ton of work, it’s less priority than RoonSpeakers and other audio device support (SqueezeBox, HQPlayer, etc.).

The timeline for 64 bit is disappointing, but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

hi Danny

Why not roll out 64bit for Linux and Windows as soon as they are ready and bring osx independently afterwards?
That way the Linux and Windows user wouldn’t have to wait so long…

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I agree.

It’s not difficult to acquire a large collection if you are a Tidal user. So, I think this will become more of an issue for users.

I find the wait very frustrating. I agree with Christoph.

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Several issues reported here and experienced by yours truly (distorted screen, crashes, …) seem to be related to out of memory conditions due to Roon’s current 32bit architecture.
In July we heard about plans to ship a 64bit version in the near future.
Wondering where that is at? Would certainly make a nice XMAS present.
Right now unable to use Roon with my local library (too many tracks for 32bit) :frowning: only as glorified Tidal frontend …

Hi mzbe,

Danny posted this about 64 bit about two weeks ago. My guess is that linux 64 bit will be in the next major release, intended for November, but Windows and OSX may be later.

There’s also been a fair bit of bughunting since Brian expressed hope for a November major release. I have no knowledge about timing but would expect that unforeseen bugfixing can delay things.

How many tracks do you have? I’m wondering how large of a library one must have before these issues start. I have a fairly large library and have never experienced anything like this.

From a previous post:[quote=“mzbe, post:3, topic:2683, full:true”]
30k+ albums, not counting TIDAL
[/quote]The present limit for Roon before 32bit build memory access limitation becomes an issue is circa 25,000 albums (300,000 tracks). Whilst my collection is below this limit … I too look forward to the 64bit implementation.

This does not appear to be true. It seems to be below 250,000 tracks.

Please fix this problem!!

@steveoat87 Agreed, I’m seeing instabilities as soon as I get to about 100,000 tracks.

I don’t have the time to spend hours reproducing the exact figure – after the total failure of working with my complete library, I initially tried to just use my “classics” folder (175k tracks) to complement TIDAL (which is horribly incomplete and has a higher percentage of MP3 tracks in that area). The result was as bad as before with 500k+ tracks - Roon doesn’t start most of the time, crashes, renders UI fonts as garbage, …

I very much like the current development roadmap - I’m a big HQPlayer fan (licenses for all platforms), I have 6 Squeezebox devices, … That doesn’t change the fact that I can’t even run Roon with my own library in the most basic way unless the 32bit issues are addressed.
It would be great if the marketing team reconsidered priorities in that regard. Not able to run = showstopper. The other two priorities are true exciters, so don’t drop them …
On the other hand, if the bet is to generate a lot more revenue by adding bells and whistles, then that may be used to fund development that will help to stabilize Roon with medium-large libraries, which will get me what I need. As opposed to 64bit gets done but shortly after Roon’s commercial viability is challenged … Not a black and white situation, I get it.

[quote=“steveoat87, post:13, topic:1169”]
This does not appear to be true. It seems to be below 250,000 tracks
[/quote]I personally know a Roon user who is successfully running Roon with 24,100 albums / 311,000 tracks, and know off others with similar sized collections.

However, there are many factors to how much memory is actually required to support our individual collections that mileage will naturally fluctuate.

It’s not really worth splitting hairs on where these ‘soft’ limits are, all acknowledge that moving to a 64bit build is an advantage (not just for large library support) and it is in the pipeline.

Given that the Roon guys can’t please all of the people all of the time … they have to make commercial choices.

Presently Roon are mainly focused on stability / metadata improvements and RoonSpeakers.

@danny is fully supportive of the move to 64bit … we just need to give them a little more time.

I too am excited about being able to use HQ player.

But, as you say, I found it to be a big compromise to be able to run only part of my collection, and even then, many times Roon is unusable due to the graphics distortion problem.

I too wish they would move up their priorities – roon speakers is most likely financially important to Roon, but I think long term viability rests in making current customers happy. And the lack of 64 bits is, in my mind, a big shortcoming of Roon.

[quote=“steveoat87, post:16, topic:1169”]
I think long term viability rests in making current customers happy
[/quote]Agreed and that’s why a lot of effort is being put in to stability / usability … the percentage of the user base with huge libraries is unsurprisingly quite low … but don’t worry 64 bit is coming :wink:

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Any updates on the 64 bit version?

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I am running win64 :smile:

We hope to get this out sooooooon.

MacOSX64 is coming still… keep running into GUI issues.


Hi Danny

I would like to repeat my question from 19 days ago:

I hope Win and Linux user will get 64bit very soon and that the Win and Linux user DON’T have to wait until OSX64 is ready.

I very often get missing letters, so bad that the text is not legible anymore. For me, that’s not such a big problem but when I want to convince people how great Roon is, then it’s quite embarrassing, when they can’t read the text because of the missing characters… :frowning: