818v3 Roon Control

My Meridian 818v3 (ID41 card) had ability to control Roon with its remote control (play/pause, previous or next track). However I can’t control the Roon that way anymore. So can you tell me is it because of the Roon (newer version) or Meridian?


You’re right, I just tried to control my MS200 set up with my MSR+ and it no longer controls playback.

I normally control my Meridian gear (DSP5200 / MS200) via a Harmony Hub – no problems there. Just dusted off my MSR+ and found all controls (Forward, Back, Play, Pause, Stop) working fine with Roon.

Ok. I had my 596 DVD player switched off at the mains and this seems to have affected operation. With it turned on, (Standby) the MSR+ controls work with ROON.