A Device listed and don't know what it could be

Roon > Settings > Devices > Connected to the Core - I have an Allo DigiOne listed. I do have two DigiOne’s listed as further down under the category of Roon. They are both connected via ethernet to WiFi extenders.

I’m curious what this listed device could be. Nothing is connected to my core physically.

And why does Roon list so many HDMI devices?

Just curious about these two items…


Add im


Hi Rick my Nuc shows 4 HDMI anc an Audio out.
No idea why 4 HDMI. I have always found it strange but never caused me any issue so I generally ignore it.

As to why your DigiOne is showing that is very strange. I wonder if it goes away after a reboot.



Do you have it plugged in via USB

Nothing plugged into any USB of my Allos. It doesn’t go away on reboot. I just thought, how odd!

Hi @RickInHouston,

Thanks for reaching out! That is very odd to see an Allo there if you don’t have it plugged in via USB to the Core. I’ve enabled diagnostics mode for your Core and what this does is automatically upload a log set for review.

I can confirm the log report came in and I have requested the team to review it. Please note, it may take a bit of time for this request to go through as it is the holiday season, thanks for your patience and happy holidays!

Hey, thanks. No rush. It’s been there for months. I’ve enabled it (and nothing happens) and I think I’ve tried to get to the web page and it won’t load.

By the way…

Nothing is connected to my Core. It’s a NUC ROCK. Only connection is via ethernet to my router. If you’re looking, why all the HDMIs listed?

It would be nice if you could ‘hide’ these and ‘unhide’ at will.