A few words of gratitude from Team Roon 🙏

This “small corner of the internet” is invaluable to my ongoing music experience.
It’s not full of fake news or harmful content nor fed by overpaid/under-talented content creators, influencers, celebrities (particularly Z-list ones) or bad journalists (bloggers).
IMO it’s simply ‘social media’ in its best form with genuine providers and users all sharing the same passion and interest.
I’ve retired and am now part-time so hopefully going to overuse this in future.
Probably should leap to the lifetime subscription!
Huge thanks and congratulations to the Roon Team and all of the “Community”.


Thank you for joining our Community to share your kind sentiments @Steve_Lewis1! What a wonderful inaugural statement! We’re pleased to welcome you.

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I listened to more music in 2022 than I have in any of the last 10 years and I would be pretty quick to attribute that to Roon 2.0 and ARC.

On another thread someone asked “What is Roon?” and my answer is simple and unchanged - Roon is my music. Thanks Roon team!


Just hooked up a Meridian 218 to the Nucleus and…MQA - WOW! Thank-you Roon Gang for making music so much more enjoyable and interesting!!!