A few words of gratitude from Team Roon 🙏

Hey Roon Community!

Before we get too far into 2023, we’d like to take a moment to thank all of you for the time, expertise, goodwill, and positive energy you dedicate to our small corner of the internet.

Thanks to all of you Roon Community is a great place to hang out, talk music, share Roon tips and tricks, ask and answer questions, help other Rooners, show off our setups, four-legged acoustical treatments, musical instruments, and a whole range of other super cool stuff. We’ve always envisioned Community as a kind of virtual record shop filled with knowledgeable, generous music obsessives, and it’s genuinely exciting to see it grow ever closer to that.

As many of you know, Roon is still a relatively small team. Because of that, we don’t have as much time as we’d like to join your Community conversations regularly. That doesn’t mean we’re not paying attention. We are. Your feedback, enthusiasm, and encouragement have been invaluable to us, and we’re grateful for the time you take to share it. We may not jump in to comment, but we value what you have to say - good and bad.

2022 was a huge year for Roon! We released 34 Roon builds last year and introduced several new features. Roon 2.0 and Roon ARC changed how we use Roon forever by freeing the Roon experience from the confines of our homes and transforming our Roon libraries into bespoke streaming services we can access and enjoy wherever we go.

Other 2022 highlights include

  • Integration of additional multi-language editorial content sources for artist bios & album info
  • User customization of streaming service and MQA content preferences
  • Native Apple Silicon Support
  • Native .NET framework on macOS
  • Android bit-perfect USB audio implementation in ARC
  • Enhanced HQPlayer integration
  • Major enhancements to Roon’s Now Playing screen graphic displays
  • Enhanced audio analysis of local files
  • Expanded Audeze presets for new Audeze headphones models
  • Numerous Search enhancements
  • A huge, red-letter year for onboarding new Roon Partner devices

We’re genuinely elated and humbled by your overwhelmingly positive response to the new feature additions and are pleased to announce that 2023 has more exciting developments in store! Thank you so much for your continued support, loyalty, and enthusiasm for all things Roon.

We’re thrilled to have you along for the ride!

The Roon Team


Thank you. I am happy to give you my money. I love Roon. It has transformed my enjoyment of music so I don’t have to choose between my audiophile love and convenience/ease of use.

Keep it up.


Thank you. It is nice to be appreciated.


You’re welcome.


Thank you Roon Team and fellow Roonies.


Thanks! The Community is a great place to hang out with lots of great people. Keep up the great work with Roon!


New to Roon and enjoying the effort put in, nothing quite like it and appreciated.
Items below would be great!

  • User customization of streaming service and MQA content preferences
  • Major enhancements to Roon’s Now Playing screen graphic displays
  • Enhanced audio analysis of local files
  • Numerous Search enhancements

You might want to give more detail about your suggestions and submit them as separate posts in the #feedback:feature-suggestions category of the forum.


Your post is very much appreciated, Jamie :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I applaud the team for putting in so much hard work, implementing many of the feature suggestions and helping users to overcome troubles with their gazillion of setup permutations while keeping it calm.
My shout out also goes to the moderators and those versed contributors who make this a mostly civilized and fun place to hang out!
May all of you, as well as the ones I didn’t address, have a superlative new year!


I didn’t know the value of roon until I used it. But once you try it, it all makes sense. I think Roon is a must-have music playback software for every audiophile. May 2023 be another exciting year!


Have been a fan for years but had no hesitation of jumping into a lifetime subscription.

Top stuff Team Roon :+1::musical_note:


Using Roon is part of my musical life. I never had more fun listening to digital music than with Roon. That is the main reason why I got a lifetime license. Keep it up, Team Roon!
And all of you here on the community please keep it up as well, it is a pleasure sharing time and thoughts with you here.


I wouldn’t call myself an audiophile because most of my gear in my place plays through either AirPlay or Chromecast.

Same is true for now for my WiiM Mini, although it has Roon Ready on the horizon.

Only my iFi Zen DAC V2 is hooked up more or less audiophile.

However Roon has networked everything into a single solution and ARC is providing me with access to my library both at work and on the road.

Last month I’ve taken a lifetime subscription after a 1.5 years of annual. And this is my sign of appreciation and thanks for your hard work.

I’m looking and listening forward to many more years of being a Rooner.

Kind regards,


Awesome job this year…any chance of getting Amazon Music on the platform?


The original post includes “Native .NET framework on macOS” in the list.

Can someone explain what that is about? Why do you need a Windows framework on a Mac?


Because roon is built on .NET.


It’s a cross platform framework for Devs who use MS tooling. It’s native on macOS and Linux.


Could you please provide (a link to) more details on the following topics?

  • Enhanced audio analysis of local files
  • Major enhancements to Roon’s Now Playing screen graphic displays

Searching through the “Software Release Notes” section does not yield any detailed results for me, just unclear statements like “Implemented several improvements to Roon’s audio analysis system” (Build 987) or “Now Playing screen in Roon has been refined and enhanced to make better use of the imagery sourced through the Art Director” (Build 923).


I viewed the YouTube video of your CEO explaining Roon’s features and it reminded me how much has improved over the years since I had been introduced to Sooloos.