A lot of album art work is missing

Core Machine


Network Details

10GB Ethernet /

Audio Devices

TP-Link AX11000

Description of Issue

All the album artwork has been displayed before, but ,all of a sudden, about half of the album artwork is left with gray box. Other metadata seems to be intact, though.

I’ve reimported the track, cleared cache, but it didn’t do any good. I’ve had roon for about a year, and I didn’t have any issues like this before. I hate to rebuild the library again since i’m going to lose my preferences and profiles. And this gives me some uneasy feeling to stick with the system (although I’ve paid for the lifetime subscription…)

I would appreciate for the solution to fix this.

I’m neither a QNAP user, nor someone from Support, but is it possible that your NAS has been hit by the recent Malware attack on QNAP devices? Given that only the image cache seems to be affected, then the chance that this has been the case is small, but it may still be worth checking that your NAS firmware is up to date.

Thanks for the info. It looks like my qnap got ransomeware attack this morning (or last night) after research through internet. image ,text files and zip files seems to be the target (pdf.png.jpg etc) and .encrypt extension is added to the files , along with README_FOR_DECRYPT.txtt. I never had this type of attack before, and any guide to fix this would be appreciated.

There are some helpful links appended to the first message in that thread I quoted above… Good luck.

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