A modest proposal for Spotify on Roon - “users playlists only”

Short feature description: Enable my playlists, including the 6 Spotify “Daily Mixes” that are “made for me” for playback at best available quality through the Roon Home Screen, and do not make the constituent songs findable or playable any other way. Do not import the meta data. Treat these 6 ‘made for me’ playlists effectively as “radio stations”. I follow mine. I also have a bunch of other playlists I’ve made and like.

Background: I had a thought. I really like Spotify for background music, not critical listening. In part because they have amassed a larger data set on musical preference and musical adjacency than anyone else. They have a lead and a believably insuperable one in the near term in what is a market that has relatively strong network economics (I benefit from you using Spotify because as it learns your preferences it makes my suggestions better). Roon has far more and far better structured data, and far better SQ / DSP, and RAAT is a thing of beauty for those of us with systems we care a great deal about. Roon is great for discovery of things I know I want to listen to, Spotify is great for finding things that I didn’t know I wanted to listen to, and which I may (or may not) want to “add to my collection”. While I am a huge Roon believer, as a niche product I do not think they will ever get to a large enough user base to create the kind of data density that Spotify has.

So I like my Spotify playlists, and its what I use on my phone and in my car. Don’t see that changing. It learns well, and makes great suggestions across a lot of genres. My daily mixes change often and well. It’s even interesting to listen to them to try to figure out what the algorithm is suggesting (mentally reverse engineering whatever signal it’s found in my listening).

So taking as a given that Spotify will ‘never’ expose the structured data in their catalog, how about taking their best feature as a primitive? Surely they expose the song name, album art, album name, and artist name, right? So why not let us play (but not otherwise interact with) these playlists we’ve already made or which Spotify makes for us on an ongoing basis? Yes, it might be weird that I’m playing a Black Sabbath song but the word “Black Sabbath” is unclickable, but that’s the price I pay. Or maybe Roon is willing to take its best guess on the fly and make it clickable if it has high enough confidence.

I know it’s theoretically possible through the WebAPI to access the list of user playlists and to play a playlist. That’s all I’m asking for. Thoughts?

I have already pulled these into my Tidal account.

Using Soundiiz I set up “syncs” that pull my daily mixes and my favourite Spotify playlists into Tidal.

I prefer this approach because they are now native within Roon.


I do same but it is manual whenever you create or follow new Spotify playlists .

When you create or follow a play list you have to set up the sync but once you’ve done that it will automatically pull it in and keep it up to date.

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One thing I’ve found that is actually better than daily mixes is the musical note button on Tidal:

Pressing that brings in a list on the fly of tracks I’ve already liked that are similar and new tracks I’ve not heard. This is on a per track basis, so when it goes to the next one I get a new list.

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Yes, as I said, it’s manual for new or newly followed Spotify lists. But once set up they sync.

I have only hit that musical note a few times - so you then add songs to a Tidal playlist to bring into Roon?

No, with that button I will just sit there creating a discovery queue. Each song gives a new list, I click add to queue and spend time just listening to that. Its not in Roon but its a way to get a daily mix with a subscription I already have as opposed to subbing to Spotify.

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Nice. But you DO have a Spotify sub :wink:

It was more a suggestion for someone that doesn’t have a spotify sub and doesn’t want one :wink: