Spotify or Spotify HiFi in Roon [spotify will not allow this]

Yup, still works

A horse’s head in the bed can go a long way.

Tried and tested :joy:

It is not clear to me from their streaming plans, but it seems that Spotify streams at CD quality:

Somehow I doubt that given their app still has all the same quality settings as before. That looks like the output of a converted stream as it’s saying PCM. Nobody streams raw PCM it would be Flac or oggflac in Spotifies case.

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Wanted to bring up an idea I had of a “poor man’s integration with Spotify” that might go some distance to what people want. If Roon treated it like a radio station where only the user’s pre-existing playlists were available, but no structured data about songs / etc was available (you couldn’t search the Spotify catalog, for instance) it might get us some ways towards what people are looking for. It would inevitably still be frustrating that we couldn’t go further, but I wonder if this would be helpful - and doesn’t seem Philosophically different from the integration of radio stations.

Anyways, I wrote the idea up, and I’d welcome thoughts and votes on that feature request at the thread below:

I have the Elac Discovery, with Roon essential. I like it a lot with tidal and Qobuz.
Can Elac or Roon please also add a Spotify to it?

Greetings Ralph.

It won’t happen. Spotify won’t waste time and resources.

Welcome to the community Ralph, hope you enjoy Roon.

Unfortunately this has been covered in incredible amount of detail over and over again in this forum going back several years, Spotify will not provide the information needed via API to permit an integration with Roon. This is the main feature request thread, but if you search there are many other discussions, plus several on Apple Music and Amazon music.

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Elac is responsible for Roon Essentials, not Roon, so you need to plead your case with them. Also, this is a Roon forum, not a Roon Essentials forum. Sorry…

Hi I know (and the Roon COO has also explained in lengths) that Spotify will not be on Roon’s radar, in the near future. How about a feature converting/integrating a Spotify playlist into Roon/Tidal? This would at least really help and could easy many user’s reluctance of fully switching to Roon…

This product will do this.

Any chance Roon will support Spotify

Lot’s of posts about this.
Spotify not going to allow 3rd party integration, and especially not to the level Roon require.
Short answer is probably not

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Also, given that Roon users are almost exclusively of a more “audiophile” persuasion and Spotify is yet to release its forever promised, yet still undelivered HiFi tier, Roon would be wasting it’s time and money on any integration efforts.

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See here.

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@Eric_Estes, there’s a lot of discussion on in this topic to catch-up on.

Interesting response some of which show to be snobs. I really enjoy the sound quality of Tidal through Roon to my Arcam an BW speakers. I am 64 and find the song choice lean toward a much younger crowd. I find the playlist option of music from my generation much more limited (or hard to find) then Spotify. The post about spotify use in my car is SPOT on.

I found similar with Tidal. Tidal does have a decent library but it is very hip-hop/R&B forward with what it presents. New music is MUCH harder to have presented.

Qobuz does a far better job for MY needs. I’ll stick with it. Sadly, it may not be available where you reside, but I recommend them if they are available.

I use Tidal and via Roon never see Hip Hop, I see all the music I like across many decades. The Hip hop genre appeals to a lot of people, especially the young and as such, this makes perfect sense to promote on the front page of a growing business. Streaming companies have to cater for all tastes, with Roon, you only see what you want…