A more positive review perhaps?

As a longtime lurker who has just joined Roon as a lifetimer, I will not purport to be the most experienced user around. In any case, I thought it would be good to provide a “noob’s” view as opposed to the “massive failure” thread that is on top of the list right now.

My take so far:

  • installation of version 1.8 as a Roon Server in my 2012 headless Mac mini was quick and easy - nothing of concern to report - the core’s CPU and memory usage is around 50% (out of 200%) and 800 MB;

  • on my iMac as main endpoint, RAM usage is higher, at 1.2 GB (out of 24 GB), and CPU usage at a very low 4% (out of 400%);

  • installation and usage on my iPhone seems fine, and I could confirm that different music can be played without problems simultaneously (iMac and iPhone) - however, I seem to encounter a bug where my iPad cannot be found as an endpoint (maybe it’s just me);

  • playback with my Aeon 2+EarMen Sparrow directly from the core is also fine, with the additional advantage of benefitting from MQA rendering;

  • library sync and loading seemed fast, and integration with Tidal is uneventful (though I do not have a HUGE local content - just some 11,000 tracks);

  • UI looks beautiful so far on all platforms; but I am still learning how to reach and understand everything;

  • Other than with my Aeon 2, I can’t really talk about SQ on speakers, since I am still waiting for my integrated amp to arrive - right now the iMac’s speakers will have to do;

  • did not really understand why a music folder has to be chosen again for the endpoints - thought all this would be done once you select a core. But this seems to be more like something I need to learn as a new user.

All in all, I am REALLY happy so far, particularly because my long-standing goal of being able to listen to ALL my content from both my iMac and iDevices is now possible.

Two points to remark:

  • hopefully I will be able to find a fix for my iPad playback;

  • I would LOVE to have the possibility of setting different users (so my wife can enjoy it with her crappy music);

So kudos to the Roon team; for those bugs reported post-release, I hope they can fix them soon. But as a “noob” lifetimer, I can already confirm that I am OK with my sunk cost…!


P.S.: Pity there is still no HRA Streaming integration - it would be great to have it.


Nice to read a more positive review. There’s a lot of hating going on in some of the other discussions…

My experience has been similar to yours. Updated the App on my Android phone last night, which triggered the core update (Synology RS3617xs). Have since updated 2 x Windows 10 machines (desktop & laptop) and 2 further Android tablets. Everything seems to be running very smoothly so far (core and CPU usage are in single digit % figures) and I’m really liking the new look.

You can set different user profiles (I need to have a look at how to do it). When my wife added the controller App to her iPhone, it automatically offered her the option of adding an additional profile.

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Sounds great, Graeme - when you have a minute pls let me know how to do it!

That sounds odd - could you expand on that please. The files are set once in Settings, Storage on the core server.

Yes, definitely some boost in sound quality here. Sounds a bit more subtle imho.


For instance, when I installed Roon on my iPhone and chose the core (yes, the Mac mini was already being shown as the core), the “music” folder still had to be selected again - then it began sync music once more.

Exception proves the rule?

For what it’s worth, I have not experienced any problems in my few hours of use. I find the appearance changes a huge improvement. I am beyond thrilled that the software works vertically on my iPad.

And for what it’s worth, all my devices were fully updated and cleaned up prior to update. I find that generally helps.

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Mobile devices are by default ‘private’ and can’t be seen by any other control point. Is this what you are (not) seeing? You can change this behaviour in device setup - set ‘private zone’ to ‘no’.

Installation for the new Roon release 1.8 was smooth on my Macbook Pro with macOS 11.2.1 (Big Sur) no problems whatsoever. I need some time to try all new things but it first glance the UI looks splendid, as a classical aficionado. Of course there is always something to grumble but that is mainly due to the basic metadata of the tracks. Sound quality is excellent and although I have also Audirvana on my computer I have not tried yet if there is a difference in sound and if so what might be the more ‘truthful’ to me, it is obviously all very subjective.
All in all I am very positive with this release.

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Initially yes, they were private - but even after changing the iPad did not play music. I am sure this was just some post-install hiccup. Will try again later and report here.

That isn’t expected. If you have the time it would be useful for roon to raise a new thread in the support category.

Smooth transition for me. Pretty simple set up with Windows 10, Android and 2 X Ropieee bridges, so was hoping for a hassle free transition. I particularly like the new feel to he Android app.

I’ve noticed a huge number of people reporting problems without giving set up details. Difficult to diagnose a problem without full information.

The upgrade to 1.8 was easy, without problems.
I didn’t encounter any problem. Everything was immediately working like it should.
I am so happy that a scrollbar with the alphabet is appearing on my smartphone (also on windows) when scrolling the Albums. That was, for me, the biggest issue in Roon, and which is now solved in 1.8.
Thank you Roon for the nice work.
Apparently it is easier to give critical posts than to give an appreciation. That is why I wanted to post this message. Keep on the good work!

Stability looks fine, iPhone UI is better
Browse is fine
Home and genre tabs are more focused, but I really don’t care about “recent listening”, top artists and top albums
Qobuz tab is clear
Album view and focus filters are fine. Scroll down is much better than previous scroll right

Date added has disappeared
Stars (AMG) and recommendations on new album are gone : real pity, add it again ASAP please
Artists : I don’t like the circles. Waste of space and unfocused (but I don’t use it much)
Composers : same remark but I use it for Classical. Could be much better in the style of Genres

What I miss
I had hoped to find an “alarm” or differed play to launch listening when I wake up. I’ll continue to use the Sonos function in my kitchen

PS: Lifetime subscription, Hegel 360 AMP with IMF 8O speakers + Sonos in different rooms. I really enjoy Roon + Qobuz.
This is only a 1.8, not a 2.0 but there are good ideas AND a few messy feelings that will probably soon disappear

It’s in the settings tab under “profiles” - you can add additional profiles there.

Gotcha, tks a lot - though I just discovered that this may not help that much, since Tidal only allows for one online streaming flow at a time (no family plan) - will have to investigate further before telling her about Roon :wink:

No major problems here. Instal 1.8 on Synology. Update pc, Samsung S9 and IPad Pro. Layout is big improvement. Like the new start espesialy. Only bug I found until now is crash on IPad by using settings. This has been reported 100 times more or less friendly. A patch will arrive shortly knowing the developers. A happy lifetime user.

I am impressed with the Roon team’s responsiveness in fixing the most pressing 1.8 bugs - and I have also resolved the issue where my iPad could not be set as an audio zone. A simple restart of the Roon server/updating to the latest release have fixed it.

So nothing bad to report so far; I am a happy camper - listening to Ozzy’s “Bark At The Moon” right now.

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I too I’m impressed with the release of Roon 1.8. Upgrade on my Qnap TS-453BT3 was straightforward. Responsive interfaces on my devices : android tablets, Mac and iPads. In particular, I like the displays for classical music and portrait and landscape views of the interface.

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