A non-internet, home network only version for controlling my music.

I have very limited download, and I don’t belong to a streaming service, but I love that I can use Roon to control music from my main computer library throughout my home wifi network. I never use the Roon info service and I’m quite happy only being able to access my own music library. Could there be a simplified version of the Roon app I could purchase that could be used only for accessing and controlling only my Roon core without internet access?

You can add your vote to the existing feature request but as this has already been marked as ‘Not On Roadmap’ you can draw your own conclusions as to whether it is worth it.

Yeah, I can’t see Roon undercutting its product by offering such an option.

You might want to take a look at JRiver Media Center. It plays local music and has a separate remote available. Which allows you to either use it as a full remote for your computer, or stream your music to the phone/tablet you are using.

Nothing to do with Roon but Audirvana would serve you well if you want a full featured player.

Or you could use DLNA.
MinimServer is a fast and light server client.
The basic version is free


You’ll need a control app.
I use mConnect with iOS and Hi-Fi Cast with Android.
There are other control app options for PC or Mac

Minimserver was the last DLNA server I was trying out before I discovered Roon over 5 years ago. The author had just started charging for it I recall (I think for HD CODEC support). I haven’t followed its progress since then.

MinimServer2 supports hi-res in the free version.
(If that’s what is meant by HD codec. I’m not sure)
The paid version offers more browsing options, such as Recently Added, and some advanced features that are beyond my understanding.

OK thanks, it was over 5 years ago, but it was a basic server compared to Roon. No insult to the product intended, that is the whole point of it after all.

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