A question about track vs album level Genres and Roon Radio


I’ve a number of albums my artists that have written and performed in various languages and genres eg. Folk, Blues/Rock and Hard Rock.

If the tracks in an album are tagged with differing genre/style entries depending on the track e.g. a live recording spanning tracks that are Folk, Blues/Rock and Hard Rock AND the album is unidentified in Roon I see Roon applies all the genre/style entries to the album, so in this example the album would be associated with Folk, Blues/Rock and Hard Rock.

How does Roon Radio handle this - does it look at album level genre metadata or track level metadata in selecting tracks (I get that Roon doesn’t do track-level genre/style, but figured I’d ask what Roon Radio references in picking a track?

(Mike) #3

Genres are taken into consideration in our current “Radio” implementation, and also in our older “limited to library” Radio algorithm that you get when you don’t have a streaming service enabled.

Genres are less of a factor when our machine learning infrastructure is involved, but neither implementation considers track level genres, since all genres in Roon are at the album level.