A quick How-to on finding and adjusting your Editorial Sources preferences in Roon 2.0.7

Hey Gang,

Here’s a quick how-to to help you find and adjust preferences for the new Editorial Sources feature.

Please navigate to Settings>General>Browsing Preferences>Editorial sources>Edit to set your preferences.

Toggle on any editorial sources you’d like to see in Roon.

Use the handles to prioritize Editorial Sources.

I’ve chosen Wikipedia as my primary source for this example. Click the expand button as usual to see Editorial Content

The highlighted text on the right indicates the editorial source that’s being displayed. In this example Wikipedia.

To view an alternate source, simply click one of the other options.

If you’re not seeing Editorial Source preferences in Roon under Settings>General>Browsing Preferences, please ensure that your Core and all Remotes are running the latest build. Because this update includes more hefty display features all devices have to be on the same build. (either build 1182 production or 1180 earlyaccess)

If you’re still not seeing editorial content with all devices running the latest build, it could be because you don’t have any editorial sources toggled on. It may also be that your editorial source lacks information for the artist or album you’re viewing. Try selecting an alternate source from your list to see if that helps.

If neither of those troubleshooting steps helps please submit a Support request, and we’ll happily lend a hand. Thanks!


Two thumbs up! Too often AllMusic’s bios and reviews are missing or incomplete, or just plain biased (check out any of Graham Parker’s reviews…“I’ll hate this as soon as i hear it”). A welcome addition to Roon! :+1: :+1:

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For editorial sources I’ve prioritized TiVo, then Wikipedia English. On my Android phone I can toggle between those editorial sources when viewing albums, artists, etc.

With Roon Remote on Windows 10 I have no toggle option when viewing editorial content. Only the top priority source is available.

Is it possible to add the toggle function to the desktop remote app?

Hi @Kman_CT. Can you please post some screenshots of your editorial source settings and what you’re seeing on your Windows 10 remote? Thanks

Sorry, I now see the toggle off to the side with the desktop app. I was looking for it after reading the priority content but it had scrolled off the top. On my Android phone the toggle is just below the content. No problem now, I just have to scroll back up after reading to find it.

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Excellent! I’m glad you found them @Kman_CT. Enjoy! :pray:t2:

Thank you! Six months ago I was complaining about not being able to hide the TiVo reviews so this is fantastic.

Why Allmusic content has disappeared?

I find it way more accurate than wikipedia weak bios, especially for less known bands, as we all know who The Rolling Stones are.

It hasn’t disappeared. It is now called Tivo as that is the actual owner of Allmusic.

Sorry my bad then!
Thnx for the info :+1::+1:

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Just FYI, TiVo does not own allmusic. allmusic.com was spun out at the time of --or shortly after-- Rovi’s acquisition of AMG (All Music Guide). allmusic uses metadata from TiVo (but not as much as Roon does).

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I’m seeing a sort order issue with the sources.

Roon shows:
Dutch wiki on 1st position = correct
English Wiki on second = not as I set it in preferences
Tivo on third = not as I set it in preferences

Any chance of adding more sources? For example Tivo source is available in Dutch. It’s used by Qobuz

Thanks for the info

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Would be amazing if we could add our own content too.