A reasonable gap between albums queued in ROON

Hi… AFAIK there isn’t a reasonable gap between albums queued in ROON… next album starts as a new track…. It’s a bit jarring in classical music… any helpful suggestions welcome :pray:

It plays gapless exactly as the album/track was mastered. It’s not possible to add additional gap, e.g., for classical playlists. You can click the vote button on the feature suggestion thread:

Why not create a silent wav file and queue it between albums.


That’s of course an option but can be quite a lot of work, depending on how it’s used

I suppose it depends on your definition of quite a lot of work. I sometimes wonder why I bother responding on this forum.


I just mean that adding one silent track between two albums is not terrible, but adding it between every track of a playlist or manual queue would not be a lot of fun.

So adding the feature may nevertheless help people.

God, if I don’t post enough Roon criticisms it offends some people and if I mention a shortcoming others feel offended.

They specifically asked about gaps between classical albums, I will leave the suggestion with the OP of whether it is worth pursuing.

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And I didn’t say you were wrong or anything, just added another consideration, and whether it’s of interest to the OP is up to them just as well.

A few users have asked for a “set your own gap between tracks” option in Roon as a feature suggestion but thus far, no dice. On one album where it REALLY bothered me (Frank Sinatra’s “In The Wee Small Hours”…the tracks when streamed are crammed together like it’s a DJ mix) I actually bought a hi-res version, opened up the files myself in Adobe Audition and added 2 seconds silence to the end of each one, and resaved them, so it sounds like it does when I play the vinyl.

Like it should.

Mostly, when it is a problem for me, it is when streaming full albums. My own ripped CDs don’t tend to have this issue.

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I created an album of silent tracks at 1,2,5 and 10 mins in length. I have the album in my bookmarks so it is easily accessible.

But I completely agree that having a “set your own gap between tracks” or albums option would be grand!!


I like this idea, how are these tracks created?

Sometimes it seems like you respond just to respond. This wasn’t about tracks or playlists, and sticking in your two cents talking about those things is kind of annoying, especially when your response is negative sounding.
If you don’t have anything constructive to add to a thread, it’s ok to be quiet.

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I used audio hijack to record silence at certain lengths. Then added the tracks as a folder to make an album. I think I also tagged he tracks with Yate.

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Just put me on ignore if I am so unbearable.

As if I am the only one who adds a more or less idle thought. OK, I will try to help less, I hope you are happy now.

Nobody said you were unbearable. You often have very helpful things to say. Don’t be such a sensitive flower.

Well that goes in both directions, I didn’t attack anyone.
But thanks.

Plus, sorry, I am probably overly sensitive and not entirely sane because I’m sick in bed with a very high fever and bored out of my mind.

I hope you feel better soon, and I apologize for jumping on you. It was unnecessary and mean.


Thanks, and all good. It happens :smiley_cat:

I totally agree with Anthony….
Can support take this as a features suggestion?

Thank you, Andrew… I totally agree!